Firestorm Armada Ramps Up To Battle Stations

November 29, 2013 by brennon

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Spartan Games have been showing off their upcoming Firestorm Armada Battle Stations. These look like they would be awesome as objectives and of course firing off some shots of their own!

Aquan Prime Battle Station

Dindrenzi Federation Battle Station

Sorylian Collective Battle Station

I love that the Aquan Prime Battle Station has channeled the spirit of the Death Star with its design although hopefully they got the contractors to remove that rather large exhaust port.

Terran Alliance Battle Station

The Directorate Battle Station

The Relthoza Battle Station

My favourite of the six has to be The Directorate one, closely followed by the Terran Alliance station. I like the block design of the Terran one but the UFO look of The Directorate one, with the sharper lines to make it look more sinister has my vote over all.

I have been looking at Firestorm for a few weeks now but apart from The Directorate none of the ships really have me grabbed. I reckon this might be one that I have to try out before I dive in.

Will you be getting yourself a Battle Station?

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