Red Knight Entertainment Unveils Corpse Hammer

September 19, 2012 by brennon

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Red Knight Entertainment have begun previews for their 32mm Dark Sci-Fi/Fantasy game Corpse Hammer. Let's check out the miniatures and indeed the fluff (always important!) for it below...

Corpse Hammer Logo

Corpse Hammer is based in a Light Fantasy world which has become overrun by a bio-undead mass known as the Necrovanum. Fighting to defend the people are their supernatural guardians, the Nephalim Knights. You can find out more about the history of Corpse Hammer on the links above taking you to the main homepage.

House Remegoth Corpse Hammers

All of the miniatures are cast in the plastic/resin hybrid known as Trollcast and Red Knight Entertainment are striving as much as possible to make these one piece figures.

Corpse Hammer 1

Corpse Hammer 2

Corpse Hammer 3

Above (you might need to click to open this one up!) are a selection of House Remegoth Nephalim Knights all armed with the 'Corpse Hammers', massive hand cannons ready to deal out some much needed death.

Corpse Hammer 4

Corpse Hammer 5

There are plans to Kickstarter this game and also expand the range to include different houses from within the Nephalim, add to the Necrovanum side and even create some miniatures for the forces that the Nephalim protect.

Corpse Hammer 6

Corpse Hammer 7

What's your opinion on the miniatures you have seen so far?

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