40K Hobby Weekend Live Stream Schedule

August 8, 2019 by dracs

Tomorrow, the 40k Hobby Weekend will be kicking off and we're getting ready to live stream every step of it.

40kWeekend-Schedule-Cover-Image (1)

We have tons planned for the weekend, from hobby tips, to delving into 40k lore, and even checking in with a couple of you guys to see how your hobbying is going.

You can find the full Live Stream Schedule for the weekend here:




Times are approximate and may be subject to change...

Aside from this, we will also be running a Diary Room, where attendees will be able to share their thoughts or join Tomas Mennes as he shares tips on modelling.

Some of you guys have your own Twitch Streams running over the weekend, and you'll be able to find them alongside a dedicated chat room on our homepage.

We're really looking forward to joining you all in a great weekend of 40k hobbying. Remember to build yourself a Project (make sure to tag it 40k Hobby Weekend!) to take part too!

What are you going to work on this weekend?

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