The Imperial Knights Make Their Oaths For Warhammer 40k

February 22, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop surprised us a bit by pushing out the Imperial Knights and all the updates a bit earlier last night. So, the Imperial Knights themselves are now up on the webstore and you can check out a few more of the details without the bad camera work...

Front Errant

Front Templar with Scale

Above are the two Knights in all their glory. You can see that they are very, very big when compared to a normal Space Marine and possibly one of the biggest kits they have ever done. I am still very much of the mindset that the second of them, the Templar, is much better looking but it could just be the garish read paint job of the Errant.

Rear Templar

Top Down Errant

We also get a look at different angles around the Knights and they look pretty well detailed as you would imagine from a Games Workshop kit. They don't come cheap of course but if you were looking to fit one into your army I could imagine it being quite the project. I wonder how many of these are going to end up in Golden Demon this year?

They certainly are monolithic creations and I take my hat off to Games Workshop for some of the design going into these. If I could actually think of a use for it in my own Chaos Space Marine army I might be inclined to ponder on maybe, possibly, not...but maybe, getting one.

Alright, I probably wouldn't but they do look cool!

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