Weekender: Wolsung Boot Camp Announced Set Sail For Blood & Plunder Week!

June 17, 2017 by dignity

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Welcome to The Weekender as we're delving into some more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming and giving you our thoughts on it.

Weekender: Wolsung Boot Camp Announced Set Sail For Blood & Plunder Week!

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We have a packed show today so let's get stuck in. Here's what we have coming up...

Wolsung Boot Camp Announced!

We have one more Boot Camp coming this year on the weekend of September 15th 2017 where we will be heading to the Steampunk world of Wolsung.

Weekender: Wolsung Boot Camp Announced Set Sail For Blood & Plunder Week!

This promises to be a great one and will be open to Backstagers first. You will get a great bundle of miniatures and accessories plus a chance for clubs and stores to get the tables we build for this one.

Tickets for this will be limited so if you're interested, make sure to be quick!

Blood & Plunder Week & Map Building

We have a fantastic week of Blood & Plunder content coming up for you next week as we sat down with the guys from Firelock Games to talk about the factions, history and more behind this game.

Additionally, Mel TheTerrainTutor will be launching his own Project Log with us soon where he will be building the massive Fabled Realms Map from 4Ground.

Blood & Plunder Kickstarter Interview

With the Kickstarter launching next week for this expansion to Blood & Plunder Justin got to sit down with the creators, Firelock Games, and talk about what to look out for.

News Time

We get stuck into some of the cool news from this week...

...did any of this catch your eye?

Six-Day War Interview

Getting the history buffs in the studio we talk with Jim (oriskany) about his Six-Day War article series which has been running over the past few weeks.

You can get into the history and wargaming potential of this conflict with Part One and Part Two and watch out for the final one next week.


It's now time to check out the Kickstarters worth looking at in more detail this week.

Will you be backing any of these projects?

Let us know what you thought of the different topics we talked about this week and remember to...

Have a happy weekend!

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