Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic

October 10, 2015 by warzan

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Welcome to The Weekender where we've got another jam packed show for you discussing all sorts of interesting topics. We've also been discussing what we think of Warpath 2.0 after last week and what it's like when you change the scale of your games.

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Boot Camp Sold Out

First up a quick one to say that the Team Yankee Boot Camp is sold out! We've filled all the places but if we have any cancellations then we'll make sure to let people know.

What Did You Miss This Week?

  • Tau Stormsurge - Games Workshop have released another big walker for the Tau. This Stormsurge is armed with more weapons than I've ever seen. Now, where is the kitchen sink?
  • Rage of Demons - Gale Force Nine continue their Collector's Series for Dungeons & Dragons with the models for Orcus and the Demogorgon on their way to supplement Rage Of Demons.
  • Essen - Essen kicked off on Thursday and will be running throughout the weekend in Germany. They are even going for a world record attempt!
  • ZEN Terrain - ZEN Terrain impress us once again with a look at a prototype for an MDF car with plastic lights
  • Dark Age - Dark Age, fuelled by CoolMiniOrNot have released some stunning sculpts for October

Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic

Warpath 2.0 Vs Warhammer 40,000

Warren has had some time to think and gives his thoughts on where Warpath 2.0 is right now and what you get in each of the three game types of the Warpath universe.

Battle Systems Talk Post-Apocalyptic

Battle Systems are also in the studio as Colin shows off the new terrain that is currently on Kickstarter. If you're looking to build a fantastic Post-Apocalyptic wasteland this could be for you.

Kickstarter Focus

We've also picked out a pair of Kickstarters we think are worth taking a look at...

  • Secret Directive - Ever wanted to run a spy agency and pit it against others? Well, this new game is worth taking a look at. The different ways of winning and upgrades could make this very replayable.
  • Clear For Take Off - Touting itself to be the most realistic airline simulation on the tabletop will you be able to get your planes into the air before the others? With a bit of a 'take that' element to the gameplay we could see this being good fun.

Do either of these sound like they might make it onto your tabletop?

Prize Winners

If you entered the prize draw to win both copies of Deadzone and for one lucky winner, a copy of Deadzone AND a Battlezones kit from Mantic, then keep an ear to the ground and listen for your name. You might be lucky!

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Have a great weekend!

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