Weekender: Adventure Through Time With GF9’s New Doctor Who Board Game

December 17, 2016 by warzan

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Welcome to The Weekender packed with awesomeness this morning. Firstly though we have to dive into a tribute to a well-loved community member who is no longer with us, Jack Ramstad (@nomadnation). You will be sorely missed buddy.

Weekender: Adventure Through Time With GF9's New Doctor Who Board Game

Updates Galore

We're got plenty to tell you when it comes to what's been happening and what is on the horizon. Starting things off there will be no regular Weekender next week but a special Christmas Day XLBS for you to enjoy!

We also have loads of awesome content for you over the Christmas period like a Prime Axiom Build, Paint & Basing blog AND loads of free content for those who are signed up as we unlock some goodies from Backstage.

Additionally next year you can look forward to a Relic Knights and Wrath of Kings Themed Week plus the Annual Awards AND a Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp too.

In terms of what's been going on, we had the Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp. You can watch the weekend here with a look at FridaySaturdaySunday.

Winners Announced

We also announce the winners from the Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp so make sure to listen out for your name and use the Claim A Prize Form. We'll get the goodies out to you as soon as we can!


We have plenty of news to get stuck into...

...what caught your eye?

Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks

We take some time to sit down with John-Paul Brisigotti to discuss the new Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks board game which will be with Whovians soon.

It's a fantastic game packed with great mechanics and a wonderful look. We can't wait to play it.

Kickstarters Ahoy

Rounding things off we're checking out some Kickstarters...

  • The Other Side - Take a look at this new game set against the world of Malifaux.
  • Kraken Scatter Terrain - Get together a new collection of terrain for your Sci-Fi & Post-Apocalyptic gaming tables.

Phew, that's quite a lot to get stuck into!

What did you think of this weeks selection of awesomeness?

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"What's caught your eye this week?"

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