Get In Too Deep With Burnt Island’s Upcoming Board Game

December 17, 2019 by brennon

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Burnt Island Games has got us interested in a new project which is lined up for 2020. In Too Deep seems intriguing simply due to the stunning artwork by Dominik Mayer. See what you think...

In Too Deep - Burnt Island Games

Here is the background to this rather stylish looking Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk-style game...

"The year is 2087. You are an up-and-coming police officer working to take down the criminal syndicates that run the city. Sometimes the best way to make a difference is from the inside. You've been recruited for a new undercover program that will require you to pose as one of the very criminals you're trying to take off the streets.

Flash forward a few months, and you have made in-roads with different organizations. It takes time to build trust, but more and more, you're being selected to go on different jobs. The life of an undercover cop is a stressful one. How far will you go to establish your cover?

When is the right time to perform a bust and make these criminals pay for their crimes? Make too many arrests and you might blow your cover, but the more you engage in the seductive world of organized crime you risk going in too deep and betraying everything you've ever stood for..."

This sounds rather fascinating indeed. According to the entry on BGG the game is going to be focused on hand management, pick-up and deliver and set collection mechanics; all of which are things which I really like.

It seems like there is going to be a little bit of a push-your-luck mechanic in the mix too if you have to try and work out just how much you're going to push things before you break your cover. As a one-to-four player game, it also seems like you're going to have some chances to try and take this on solitaire too.

There seems to be a Kickstarter in the works for 2020 so watch out for this one!

"There seems to be a Kickstarter in the works for 2020 so watch out for this one!"

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