Unwind & Build A Relaxing Koi Pond In Kohaku

August 23, 2021 by fcostin

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Since I have been moving countries, I have let myself down a bit not playing my usual Sunday Solo Board Game Chill Sesh. My life is currently in boxes, which means my board games have been imprisoned! However, this has given me time to research some upcoming and new board games which will be added to my zen Sunday in fluffy socks once I have settled.

Kohaku // Gold Seal Games & 25th Century Games

Kohaku, which initially launched on Kickstarter is making its way onto our tabletop via retail release as the English Second Edition. So if you were one of the few people like me who missed the campaign. Hover around the Koi Pond, relax and lay some tiles to watch the koi in their habitat flourish.

Taking walks within serene locations is one of my favourite things to do. I like going outside in relaxing environments, and there is nothing quite like a koi pond. Sharing some pellets with the beautiful fish as their scales shimmer under the surface of lilypads and flowers blossomed in the springtime. How about putting one in your living room? No need to buy a tank, you can feel calm and zen in the comforts of your own home laying tiles and calming nerves with Kohaku.

Koi Tiles // Kohaku

Tile-laying games can be so therapeutic on their own, but adding a peaceful koi-pond building aspect to it merely builds on the sense of grounding. Players will take turns in drafting both koi and feature tiles to build their own koi pond. However, it isn't just as easy as building. Players will need to score points to win, and this is done by ensuring that several aspects of the game match to form complete unity.

Flowers will match with the colour of koi close by, frogs can be placed next to koi who have cheeky dragonflies around them, and baby koi need to be near some rocks to ensure there is plenty of room to hide. However it is not just the pond players are trying to control, it is the atmosphere too. Ensuring that statues, turtles and butterflies are all in their optimal position for pure serenity and balance.

Each tile will have a home, and as they are randomly selected - players will need to commit to a place before the tile cannot be moved again. As soon as the koi tiles have gone, the game has come to a finish and players will need to tally up their points to determine the winner.

Kohaku is heading to retail on October 6th, so if you are looking for a peaceful tile-laying game that will not end in tears, be sure to check out Kohaku.

What is the most peaceful tabletop game that you have played?

"Each tile will have a home, and as they are randomly selected - players will need to commit to a place before the tile cannot be moved again."

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