Weekender – 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

June 11, 2016 by dignity

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Welcome to The Weekender where we're getting stuck into some neat discussions and we have an interview with the folks at Nomad Games. We hoped you liked the little interview snippet from Miniature Wargaming The Movie too.

Weekender - 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

Win 1 Of 4 Steam Keys For Talisman: The Horus Heresy By Nomad Games

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Have you given digital Talisman a go?


What's been going on?

  • Battle Of Hoth Travelling - Dawn & Gianna will be hosting our Star Wars battle at Draxtar Games.
  • Waterloo: Quelle Affaire! Battle - Make sure to tune in to find out who wins this epic battle
  • Justin & Ben At Lock & Load Outpost - Stay with us over the weekend as we talk Warmachine & Hordes
  • A Crumbly Thank You - Big thanks to Recon63 for the amazing Anzac Biscuits!

Some great stuff to get stuck into!

News Time

What's been happening in the news?

What did you like the look of this week?

Positive Discussion Topics

In the forums we've had some positive discussion so we thought we'd highlight it and the most recent topic looking at Miniature Painting & Sculpting as art.

We love seeing what you guys discuss to keep at it and be positive as you're chatting away.

Talisman:  The Horus Heresy Review

Justin also got to sit down with the folks from Nomad Games and discussed their version of Talisman focused on the Horus Heresy.

You can check out the Horus Heresy Manual and then get started with the game. Remember there is a prize to be won!


Last but not least we're looking at the HUGE Kickstarter from CoolMiniOrNot that has taken the funding platform by storm once again, Massive Darkness.

Does this sound like the kind of dungeon crawler that you'd be interested in taking to the table?

Join Us Tomorrow For Weekender XLBS With A Backstage Free Trial

Have a great weekend!

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