Themeborne Hope You Escape The Dark Sector

May 15, 2019 by brennon

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The team at Themeborne are going to be taking us on a new adventure, this time within the realm of Sci-Fi. Escape The Dark Sector was teased last week and, fingers crossed, it's going to be an awesome new (and terrifying) experience.

Escape The Dark Sector - Themeborne

This could very easily turn into a re-skin of the original Escape The Dark Castle but I feel like Themeborne are going to throw all sorts of cool new mechanics into the works. They did a lot with the various Adventure Packs for Escape The Dark Castle and one would hope the same is going to be the case here.

As you might have imagined, this has gone down very well on social media and no doubt we'll see a Kickstarter soon enough!

What kind of Sci-Fi changes would you like to see?

"What kind of Sci-Fi changes would you like to see?"

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