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Oathsworn Miniatures

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Read The Fluff Of Burrows & Badgers In New Almanack


Oathsworn Miniatures has just finished their Kickstarter for All Creatures Great & Small which added new creatures into the mix for Burrows & Badgers.

Burrows & Badgers Great & Small Kickstarter Now Live


Oathsworn Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with their campaign for the Great & Small of Burrows & Badgers.

New Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter Launches Next Week


Next Monday, 28th October, marks the start of the new Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter which is subtitled All Creatures Great & Small.

Community Spotlight: Pubs, Dark Demons & Devout Kill Teams


Come and check out a nice warm pub, terrifying demons from the deep and a host of holy warriors from the grimdark future,.

Oathsworn Tease Their New Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter!


Oathsworn Miniatures has teased the date for their new Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter which is looking to introduce a whole host of new critters into the mix, both large and small!

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben and Lance as they trawl through the latest Projects and hobbies that you've submitted over the past week.

Oathsworn’s New Sculpts & Supplement For Burrows & Badgers


Oathsworn Miniatures are looking towards their next Kickstarter for Burrows & Badgers and this week shared some more images of what they're working on right now.

Weekender XLBS: Keep It Simple, Keep It Stupid!


We're chatting about our various hobby projects and delve into some wonderful presents from the community too!

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Lance and Ben are back this week with another Hobby Hangout.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Showcase your projects by linking them into the comments within!

Community Spotlight: A Samurai Army, Funko Marine & Hairy Highwaymen!


A Samurai Army, a brilliant take on a Funko Space Marine AND some dastardly highwaymen show up this week!

Oathsworn Outline Miniatures Coming To Next Kickstarter


Oathsworn Miniatures have outlined the models that will be coming to their next Kickstarter project as well as sharing more of their work-in-progress sculpting.

Oathsworn Tease New Burrows & Badgers Characters


Oathsworn Miniatures' Michael has been sculpting away at lots more for Burrows & Badgers as he shows off a teaser for two more characters. 

Oathsworn Tip Their Hat To A Cheeky Looking Magpie


Oathsworn Miniatures showed off a fantastic new miniature ahead of UK Games Expo last weekend.

Community Spotlight: German Aircraft, Groovy Greeks & Animal Warriors


We're flying high, fighting on Ancient battlefields and adventuring with some furry friends.

Oathsworn Finish Soaring Burrows & Badgers Red Kite


Oathsworn Miniatures has finished work on the Red Kite we saw previewed last week.

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance, John and Ben as they guide us through another week of fab community projects.

Oathsworn Sculpting Up Red Kite For Burrows & Badgers


Oathsworn Miniatures' Michael Lovejoy is working away on some more new models for Burrows & Badgers.

Oathsworn Show Off Their Burrows & Badgers Salute Releases


Oathsworn Miniatures have now shown off their new releases that will be coming to Salute this year for Burrows & Badgers!

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join John and Ben as they trawl through the latest in pink tank discoveries!

Weekender XLBS: RambleFEST 2019


We sit down with the 4Ground guys to talk about gaming in the gaps and changing rules to fit your group!

Community Spotlight: Titans, Zarbag’s Gitz & Animal Heroes


We're delving back into some of your neat looking painting and hobbying from the forums and projects!

Protect The Cart With New Burrows & Badgers Previews


Oathsworn Miniatures has previewed some more sculpts which will be coming soon for Burrows & Badgers lovers. Meet E. Stoatbart & Sons as they try and fend off some bandits!

Weekender XLBS: Why Modern Warfare Kicks Ass & Have We Reached Peak Tabletop?


We chat about how awesome Modern Wargaming can be and discuss if we've maybe hit peak tabletop?

Weekender XLBS: Give A Friend Free Backstage & Ninja Division Fallout


We're discussing our hobby time, sharing and caring within the hobby and the failures of Kickstarter...

E. Stoatbart & Sons Transport Goods In Burrows & Badgers


Oathsworn Miniatures has been sharing some of the work they've been doing now the Kickstarter for Burrows & Badgers is delivered.

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance, John and Ben as they go through this weeks' community projects to see what you have been up to in the world of hobby.

Oathsworn Tease More Burrows & Badgers Terrain On The Way


Oathsworn Miniatures are teasing the coming of more Burrows & Badgers Terrain in the near future.

Behind The Wargame: Michael & Jo Of Oathsworn Miniatures


Ben gets to chat with Michael and Jo from Oathsworn Miniatures about Burrows & Badgers, the industry and more!

Oathsworn Miniatures Test Out Some Games Of Furball!


Oathsworn Miniatures popped up an image of their testing for a game called Furball!

Ben’s Christmas Time Wish List


Ben puts forth three things that he would love to get from Santa this Christmas. What is on your list?

Weekender XLBS: Worldbuilding & Storytelling In Role-Playing Games


We're talking Worldbuilding & Storytelling and some of the ways YOU can create some fascinating lands for your players to enjoy.

Burrows & Badgers Beasts Return To Kickstarter


Oathsworn Miniatures are back on Kickstarter for a short and sweet campaign which will bring to life another collection of creatures for you to use in your games of Burrows & Badgers. 

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join John, Gerry and Lance this week as we trawl through your projects to see what you've been up to this week.

Weekender: 40K KillTeam Commanders; Marvel Or Mistake?


Win Kill Team Commanders expansion sets and let us know if this is a step in the right (or wrong!) direction for Games Workshop.

Community Spotlight: Homemade Burrows, Stunning Conversions & Kitbashes + A Deep Sea Collection!


Converted armies, scratch built terrain and deep sea creatures come to life this week in our Community Spotlight.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join John, Ben and Lance as they go through your community projects on the forums and in our projects system.

Sarissa Bring More Burrows & Badgers Terrain To Life


Sarissa Precision has been working with the team from Oathsworn Miniatures on more terrain for you to use in your games of Burrows & Badgers.

Oathsworn Set Sail With Their Burrows & Badgers Otter Pirate


Oathsworn Miniatures continue preparations for their upcoming Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter Campaign by showing off another of the characters, this excellent Otter Pirate!

Oathsworn’s New Burrows & Badger Beaver Beats You Up!


Here we have this massive Beaver, ready to smash your head in for wrecking his damn...err...dam.

Weekender: Unboxing The Edge Dawnfall & Nanty Narking In The Streets Of London!


We're unboxing the amazing miniatures from The Edge: Dawnfall, and discussing Nanty Narking with Phalanx Games!

Sarissa’s Burrows & Badgers Terrain Now Available


Sarissa Precision has now released their new Burrows & Badgers Terrain based on the fantastic skirmish game from Oathsworn Miniatures.

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