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Solve A Shocking Murder As Crimes & Capers Third Title Announced


Renegade Game Studios have recently announced the third addition to their Crimes & Capers seriesm with And The Winner Is… Dead.

Renegade Games Release Two Free Halloween RPG Scenarios


Renegade Game Studios have released two new and free scenarios in honour of Halloween, with Kids on Brooms and Outbreak: Undead adventures to sink your teeth into.

Santa & His Reindeer Zord Join The Power Rangers This Christmas!


The Santa vs Heximas Holiday Pack is ready to pre-order as the new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansion pits The Power Rangers, Santa and his reindeer Zord against the mighty Heximas. 

Save Planet Earth As Your Own Autobot In Transformers RPG


Renegade Game Studios have been busy! With RenegadeCon just passed by, there were some incredible RPG announcements, and now players can enrol into their own Autobot team and take control of bringing down the devious Decepticons in the Transformers RPG. 

Build & Beat The Big Bad Pig In Three Little Wolves


Want to get your family involved in a fairy-tale themed card game? Three Little Wolves has now been announced from Renegade Game Studio, arriving October this year - taking a twist and turn on the classic story as players work as their own version of the (no-longer) big, bad wolf and construct the tallest of the buildings - ones strong enough to not be knocked over by the fearsome piggies! 

Discover The Fantastical World Of Vale In Artisans Of Splendent Vale


Renegade Game Studios have a new board game heading on to Kickstarter, in a brand new cooperative experience promising whimsy in a fantasy setting, in the upcoming title, Artisans of Splendent Vale.

New Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Expansions Coming Soon To Kickstarter


Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid has been an absolute success on the tabletop. With over 10 expansions already released for the mighty morphing board game, continuously introducing new heroes and villains to the game. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid still stands strong after the initial release in 2019.  Renegade Game Studios are returning to Kickstarter with four brand new expansions, coming next week on June 22nd 2021. 

Learn Vampire Linage in The Book Of Nod in Vampire: The Masquerade


There have been some fantastic announcements recently for Vampire: The Masquerade, however, there is a new book on its way focussing on the lore and backstory of vampire linage. The Book of Nod is coming to the game by Renegade Games Studios and looking to share in the history of the haunted fiends. 

Two New Expansions Coming To Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals


Fans of the Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals, the card game will be delighted to know that two new expansions are underway, and ready to pre-order. However, Renegade Game Studio have approached the pre-order to the releases a little different to the conventional manner. 

RGS Announces New Horror Card Game, The Hunger!


Looking for a new board game to sink your teeth into? The Hunger is one of the most recent titles to be added to the Renegade Game Studios wonderful hoard of board games. This time, established Magic the Gathering creator Richard Garfield has his fangs deep in the upcoming vampire-themed adventure available to pre-order now. 

Check Out Love Letter: Princess Princess Happily After Edition!


Renegade Games have announced their collaboration with Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O'Neill, where two to six players can battle it out in honour to win the heart of Princess Isadora. In the upcoming title Love Letter: Princess Princess Ever After Edition. 

Warhammer Plus; Will It Be Worth It & The Coolest Post-Apocalyptic Minis Game Yet? #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We ask if the new Warhammer Plus service is going to be worth it AND uncover the coolest post-apocalyptic minis game yet!

Join The Sabbat Faction In Vampire: The Masquerade Sourcebook


Fans of Vampire: The Masquerade from Renegade Games Studio will be delighted to know that there the first sourcebook for the 5th Edition will be heading your way this summer, with new features to include the Sabbat in Sabbat: The Black Hand. 

New Transformers Deck-Building Game By Renegade Game Studios


Once upon a time there was a Transformers TCG which came from Hasbro, and fans were upset to see the demise of the popular title. But do not fret Autobots - as there is a new Tansformers-themed game which has been announced by Renegade Game Studios. Transformers Deck-Building Game is making its way to the tabletop starting with a brand new core set in Summer 2021. 

40K Gaunt’s Ghosts Better Than Before? UKGE Is On + Dungeons & Lasers Epic RPG Terrain #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! Are the new Gaunt's Ghosts better than before? UKGE Tickets are now on sale and Dungeons & Lasers returns to Kickstarter.

Become The Mad Scientist In Horror Board Game, My Father’s Work


I am often torn by the life of Frankenstein's monster, thinking about how I would have treated him if I were in the Doctor's shoes. Not that I would have undergone piecing together man and beast!

Renegade Announces Gravwell Second Edition Coming This Year


Do you remember Gravwell? Gravwell was a really popular game that was released all the way back in 2013 and was complimented on the simple yet elegant rule style. Now the space-lurking board game is getting a second edition this year, bringing new features and a modernized refresh to the game. 

Research & Explore Earth’s Biomes In Renegade’s Card Game Subastral


Renegade Studios are back with the ecological hands of Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, as they have now designed Subastral - where we take our eyes off of the stars and take a closer look at the different biomes on the planet earth. 

Six New Adventures For Clank! In! Space! Pulsarcade


Renegade Game Studios are expanding their popular intergalactic plundering title Clank! In! Space! But this is no ordinary linear expansion. You get your hands on six new mini-expansions to expand the core game even further in Clank! In! Space! Pulsarcade. 

Research The Biomes Of Earth With Renegade’s Subastral


Renegade Game Studios is going to be producing a new card game by designer duo Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback.

Renegade Survive The Apocalypse As Junior Braves In New RPG


Renegade Game Studios has built on the Kids On Bikes RPG series with a new adventure coming later this year. Junior Braves Survival Guide To The Apocalypse has you taking all of your scouting skills in hopes of making it through the end of the world.

Renegade Drop More Details On 5E Wardlings Campaign Guide


Renegade Game Studios has been talking more about their upcoming Campaign Guide for the Wardlings world which first appeared in miniature form from the team at WizKids.

Pile Up The Corpses In Renegade’s Gloomy Graves For 2020


Renegade Game Studios has got a little game coming out next year that caught my eye simply due to the premise. See what you make of Gloomy Graves.

Weekender: Infinity Campaign Announced & Win A FoW German D-Day Bundle!


We're getting stuck into World War II with Flames Of War, Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 in today's show!

Save The Seas In Renegade’s Aquicorn Cove Board Game


Renegade Game Studios have a new board game up for pre-order, sending you beneath the waves of the beautiful Aquicorn Cove.

Explore The Boundaries Of Your Mind In Gates Of Delirium


Renegade Game Studios have announced a new board game coming out in Autumn of this year, bringing a new flavour of mind-bending horror to the tabletop.

Acquisitions Inc Pop Up In Renegade Game Studios’ Clank!


Renegade Game Studios have another neat little expansion on the way for Clank! which is their very successful deck-building dungeon crawler.

Kids On Bikes Blast Off To Become Teens In Space!


Renegade Game Studios have announced that, in conjunction with Hunters Entertainment, they are releasing a new RPG using the Kids On Bikes system. It's time for Teens In Spaaaaaaace!!!!!

Take Clank! To The Temple Of The Ape Lords


Renegade Game Studios are expanding their hit game Clank! with a series of boards called Clank! Expeditions, the latest of which will be seeing release this September.

Create Numerical Patterns In Hex Roller


Frosted Games and Renegade Games Studios have joined together to produce a roll-and-write which blends strategic play with drafting luck in Hex Roller!

Become A Viking As North Sea Epilogues RPG Appears For Pre-Order


The North Sea Epilogues, the RPG based upon Garphill Games' popular North Sea series of board games, is now up for pre-order from Renegade Game Studios.

Renegade Seek The Power Of The Eternal Throne


Renegade Game Studios has joined forces with Dire Wolf Digital to bring their previously released digital strategy game to the tabletop in a new guise.

Shape The Flow Of Historical Events In Time Chase


You’ve done it! You’ve cracked the code to unlock time travel! Your breakthrough invention has the potential to revolutionize the world as we know it, and undoubtedly your genius will be celebrated across the globe.

Curate A Perfectly Prestigious Gallery In Artsee


Artsee is a set collection engine-building game where you take on the role of a curator of a successful art gallery.

Mensa Select Board Game Winners Announced For 2019


After nearly two days of non-stop gameplay, the judges over at Mensa Mind Games have chosen five games to receive the illustrious official Mensa Select Seal.

Brew A Beautiful Beverage In Bubble Tea


Renegade Game Studios have announced that they are bringing the utterly adorable Bubble Tea board game to the Western market!

Author Erin Dean Partners With Renegade For Board Game World


Renegade Game Studio have announced that they are partnering with Erin Dean, author of For The Love of Board Games, for a book exploring the art of tabletop gaming.

Renegade Develop WizKids’ Wardlings World For 5th Edition


Renegade Game Studios are going to be working with WizKids to develop a supplement for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons that builds on their Wardlings line of miniature heroes.

The Wild West Just Got Wormy In Terror Below


Lately, there have been strange goings on in the wide, open spaces of the Nevada desert.

Renegade Announce Solo Hero Game Proving Grounds


Maia Strongheart stands alone against the world. A cabal of conspirators has framed her for the death of her own mother, the Sun Queen, and they intend to usurp the throne from her family.

Protect The People In Paladins Of The West Kingdom


Paladins of the West Kingdom is set at a turbulent time of West Francia's story, circa 900 AD. Despite recent efforts to develop the city, outlying townships are still under threat from outsiders.

Become A Mugger Mogul In Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated


Renegade Studios and Dire Wolf Digital have announced a new legacy follow-up to their hit card game Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure. 

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