Hot Kickstarter: Fantasy Infinity?! + Historical Legion Minis You’ve Been Waiting For #OTTWeekender

May 21, 2021 by lloyd

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It's OTTWeekender Time! Eldfall Chronicles hits us like Fantasy Infinity plus we're taking a look at historical French Foreign Legion miniatures which are just what you've been waiting for.

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As always, make sure to dive into the comments and tell us all of your thoughts about the show this week and what we chat about!

Update - Catch Up On Our Team Yankee Coverage

Make sure to catch up on the videos from earlier in the week where Justin and John looked at the new West German offerings from Battlefront Miniatures for Team Yankee.

West German Book First Look

West German Miniatures First Look

The lads had good fun going through these books and it would be neat to hear if you'd like to see more content like this from us for these Historical wargames.

Stargrave Week - Monday 24th May!

We also have a big week starting up next week for Osprey Games' Stargrave.

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You'll be able to take part throughout the week in the comments to win prizes. We've put together Let's Plays, Unboxings, Interviews and more for this brand new Sci-Fi wargame.

Indie Of The Week - SuperRobotBear

Free talks about a great Indie designer of quick and easy roleplaying games called Ethan or SuperRobotBear!

Check Out More From SuperRobotBear

Check Out Garden Of The Giants On Kickstarter

This is a proper one-man-band operation and Ethan deals with the art, rules and everything. If you're interested in trying out these games then they can be printed off at home to play as well as being available digitally.

Tabletop Gaming News

Here is some of the wargaming, tabletop and miniatures news this week which caught our eye and made us go "ooooh!"

Let us know if something from this week made you "oooh!" and if we missed anything!

3D Printing Is The S**T

Get a look at some of the brand new miniatures from GloomyKidMinis who are pretty new to MyMiniFactory and Patreon.

GloomyKidMinis On MyMiniFactory

GloomyKidMinis On Patreon

Make sure to check out this new range of miniatures and let us know which ones you'd be happy to print off at home. We like the Murlocs!

Tabletop Gaming Kickstarters

See what you make of these fundraisers we've picked out from this week on the funding platform...

Let us know if you'll be checking out these projects in the comments down below.

Comment To Win! World War III: Team Yankee Starter Set

Make sure to check out all of this tabletop goodness and have a great weekend of gaming fun.

Stay Safe!

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