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Judge Dredd Miniatures Game



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Bots, Crocs & The Wally Squad For Warlord’s Judge Dredd


Warlord Games are returning to the weird Sci-Fi world of Judge Dredd with a couple of new pre-orders popping up on their webstore.

Hit The Streets With More Of Warlord’s Judge Dredd Vehicle Kits


Warlord Games has added two new vehicle kits into the works for those delving into the world of 2000AD and Judge Dredd.

Lay Down Some Cyborg Law With Warlord’s SJS Judge Gerhart


Warlord Games has recently added a new miniature into the mix for use in their Judge Dredd miniatures game. Here we have the Cyborg, SJS Judge Gerhart.

Sarissa Precision Travel Through Time With Their New Terrain


Sarissa Precision has released a few new good terrain kits for use across the ages.

Community Spotlight: Judges, Gangers, WWII Tanks & Wise Wizards

2 years ago 6

We're back looking at some awesome painting projects from across the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical genres. Dive in!

Unboxing Judge Dredd: I Am The Law

2 years ago 20

Gerry is the law. His law is absolute. It states that kittens are amazing and 2000AD is also very good.

Keep An Eye Out For Wave Two Of Warlord Game’s Judge Dredd


Warlord Games has been showing off what is coming for Wave Two of their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Weekender: Infinity Defiance Kickstarter & FoW Campaign Launching Next Week!


We're talking about the Infinity: Defiance themed week firing up on Monday PLUS the epic Flames Of War Global Campaign which will be running for SIX weeks!

Pre-Orders Now Live For Warlord Games’ Judge Dredd!


Warlord Games are now taking pre-orders for all of their Judge Dredd launch products.

Drokk! Warlord Games Has A Judge Dredd Preview Pack


In the run up to the release of the new 2000AD game coming from Warlord Games, Judge Dredd: I am the Law, @shredhead has tipped us off to some upcoming previews for the game.

Painted Previews Pop Up For Warlord Games’ Judge Dredd


Warlord Games has been showing off a few more painted previews of what you can expect when the Judge Dredd game hits tabletops later this year.

Community Spotlight: Nurglings, Grim Generals & Laying Down The Law


Sneaky little Nurglings, grim Astra Militarum commanders and laying down the law this time around on Community Spotlight!

Hunt Down Crims At High Speed As Judge Dredd


Warlord Games teased another miniature from the upcoming Judge Dredd game which is slated for an Autumn release.

Warlord Games Show Off Stylish Judge Dredd Vignette


Warlord Games are going to be building on their 2000AD range beyond Strontium Dog later this year as they get stuck into Judge Dredd.

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part Four – Past, Present & Future


We're back with Moji after a bit of a hiatus as he finishes off his series on 2000AD in its many guises; past, present and future!

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part Three – The Warlord Games Era


Moji takes a look at the Warlord Games era for 2000AD on the tabletop with both Judge Dredd and the new Strontium Dog Miniatures Game

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part Two – The Mongoose Publishing Era


Hot on the heels of my previous article, which looked at the early days of 2000AD on the tabletop, I’d like to continue by focusing on the next big producer to pick up the license - Mongoose Publishing.

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part One – The Games Workshop Era


Moji from the community takes us through why the 2000AD series of games are well worth delving into starting with Part One where we're looking at the games from the Games Workshop era!

Judge Dredd: Mega-City One TV Show In The Works


If you're a fan of the 2000AD comics or you loved the film Dredd, you'll be happy to know that there is a new TV show in the works to bring the Judge to the screen once more.

Good Grud, Warlord Games Acquire Rights To 2000 AD Comics!


Warlord Games have announced that they have obtained the license to produce a series of miniature games based on the popular British anthology comic book series 2000 AD.

ABC Warriors Of All Flavours Hit The Tabletop For Judge Dredd


Warlord Games have been tinkering away behind the scenes on some additional characters for use in your games of Judge Dredd. The ABC Warriors are taking to the tabletop.

Reinforcements & Snitches Come To Warlord’s Judge Dredd


If you're looking for some added support on the streets of Mega City One or in this case, East Meg, then see what Warlord Games have for you to bolster your forces in Judge Dredd. We'll kick things off with the East Meg Judges...

Will You Defend The Realm With Dredd’s Brit-Cit Judges?


If you're looking for a law enforcement group that is a little bit different then see what you think of the Brit-Cit Judges for Warlord's Judge Dredd. Considering Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reining monarch today this feels very patriotic...

Judge Dredd Gets A New Vehicle From Warlord


The Judges are getting a new ride to make sure the bad guys don't get away in Judge Dredd from Warlord Games.

Tek Judge Rides On The Scene With The Lawmaster From Warlord


The Tek Judges come rumbling upon the scene with their Lawmasters for Judge Dredd miniatures game from Warlord Games.

Warlord’s Manta Prowl Tank Brings Justice to Judge Dredd


Sometimes not even the Judges can take down the dangerous gangs of Mega-City One on their own. When things get out of hand, they call in the Manta Prowl tank, which Warlord have released onto their webstore.

The Judda and Klegg Terrorize the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game


With the release of their new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game supplement Blood on the Streets two new factions have joined the fight for control of Mega-City One; the vicious Judda and the terrifying Klegg Invasion Force.

Blood On The Streets in Warlord’s Judge Dredd Supplement


Warlord Games have released Blood on the Streets, the first supplement for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game!

A Mongrol of a Mek is Soon to Appear in Judge Dredd


As well as the upcoming Judge Dredd Miniatures Game supplement Blood on the Streets, Warlord Games have a couple more miniatures from the pages of 2000AD on the way and have given us a quick peek at the first of the ABC Warriors.

Pick Up Your Judge Dredd Weapons in Warlord’s Weapon Packs


Warlord Games have released some new weapon packs bringing you all the weird and wonderful weaponry of Judge Dredd's Mega-City One.

Judge Dredd East Meg Invasion Force Unboxing!


It's time to lay down the law! We're checking out the East Meg Invasion Force from the Judge Dredd MiniaturesGame by Warlord! Strap on those massive shoulder pads and get ready for all out street warfare!

Ride Out Rookie With Mongoose’s Cadet Judge on Lawmaster


All Judge's have to start somewhere in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game and sometimes you may find yourself bringing a couple of cadets along for the ride, such as the new Cadet on Lawmaster bike released from Mongoose Publishing.

Judge Dredd’s PI Will Make a Monkey Out of You


A couple of new releases are appearing from Warlord for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, including a duo of private investigators for you to turn to when the Justice Department doesn't seem the right approach.

Summon the Demonic Cabal into the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game


A sinister Demonic Cabal has begun summoning evil forces into the streets of Mega-City One and onto the store of Warlord Games.

Mongoose Send Dinosaurs Stomping Over Judge Dredd


Mongoose Publishing have come up with some extra rules for scenarios in which the dinosaurs step out of pre-history and into the Cursed Earth of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Mega-City One Trembles as Two Agents of East Meg One are Released


Warlord Games have just made life in Mega-City One even more dangerous as they release two operatives of the hostile East Meg One.

Warlord Reveal the Femme Fatales of Judge Dredd


Two not so lovely ladies are ready to leave their mark on Mega-City One. Beware the brutal justice of The Executioner, and the unwanted peace brought by Oola Blint.

Warlord Release Grim Judges, Rogues & Fat Blokes


What do you think of these new additions to the 2000AD line-up from Warlord Games? I'm not feeling this one but maybe you are.

Judges of the World Unite at Warlord Games


The long arm of the law extends to every Mega City in the world. Each Mega City has its own unique culture and customs. It also has its own Judges, some of which can be found in Warlord's new Judges of the World box set.

Mongoose Bring the Metal Mechanismo Judges to Mega-City One


Mongoose Publishing have released the new playtest rules for the Justice Department's Mechanismo Strike Force, a high tech and high impact approach to law enforcement in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Start Laying Down The Law With Warlord’s Judge Dredd


Check out the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Starter Set that is now up for grabs on the Warlord website. Is this going to be a game you pick up?

Warlord Show What Judges Wear on Casual Fridays


Warlord Games have put out pictures of two of the Judges which will be appearing exclusively in Chief Judge Cal's Retinue Boxed Set and who seem to have eschewed the traditional Judge's uniform for something more... individual.

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