Corvus Belli Reveal Deadly Infinity Releases For June 2021

May 12, 2021 by brennon

A new selection of excellent 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures are coming up next month for Corvus Belli's Infinity. New packs of troops plus a range of characters are popping up for a variety of factions.

Karakuri Special Project - Infinity

Karakuri Special Project // Infinity

We start with these excellent looking and updated bots, the Karakuri Special Project. The design of these miniatures look great and I love the blank masks which can be painted up to show a variety of expressions. I love the idea that you could change their colours. You could have yellow for warning and red for danger. Put a big exclamation mark on it and you're sorted!

As well as the Karakuri Special Project we also have the Fraacta Drop Unit for those playing as the Combined Army.

Fraacta Drop Unit - Infinity

Fraacta Drop Unit // Infinity

I always like seeing what new units are making their way into the mix for the Combined Army. I love their mix of organic and synthetic throughout their design and they always look like the most mega-evil army in existence. That detailed under armour would work really nicely with washes and a touch of highlighting.

New Infinity Characters

As well as the units and duo packs, we also have a few characters to add to the mix. Perhaps you'll kill your quarry with Wild Bill?

Wild Bill Legendary Gungslinger - Infinity

Wild Bill, Legendary Gunslinger // Infinity

Wild Bill steps in as another NA2 option for those playing Infinity and if he's anything like his historical counterpart, he'll end up being one hell of a good shot. The cowboy look is very cool and I am a big fan of Sci-Fi miniatures which bring together duster coats and armour.

Yu Jing players will be able to add the deadly close combat monster, the Shaolin Warrior Monk, into their fireteams.

Shaolin Warrior Monk - Infinity

Shaolin Warrior Monk // Infinity

This is a phenomenally sculpted miniature and I love all the details worked into every facet of the character. The facial details are cracking and I think that the miniature shines in that traditional Yu Jing scheme where the warm yellow contrasts with the jade green.

We finish with the Mukthar, Active Response Unit for Haqqislam players.

Mukthar Active Response Unit - Infinity

Mukthar, Active Response Unit // Infinity

When it comes to the look of the various factions, Haqqislam and the Combined Army are up there as my favourites for Infinity. I like seeing the mix of the old and the hyper-new in their design which works really well for the look and feel of Infinity's Sci-Fi world.

All of these miniatures are due to be released in June so keep an eye out for when they hit the tabletop!

"The cowboy look is very cool and I am a big fan of Sci-Fi miniatures which bring together duster coats and armour..."

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