New Expansions & Boosters Available For Mantic’s The Walking Dead

December 12, 2016 by brennon

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Mantic Games has now added a whole bunch of expansion content onto their webstore for The Walking Dead: All Out War starting with the likes of Prelude To Woodbury...

Prelude To Woodbury Expansion

First up we have the Prelude To Woodbury which gives you six new miniatures to play with during your games including five walkers and the Governor.

Prelude Models

This set also allows you to play out a solo version of the game with a new Event Deck which is catered to that kind of play. So, if you want to test things out or just game on your own this is a good place to look.

Days Gone By

The second of the expansions available is Days Gone By which features four Survivors, Dale, Jim, Allen and Donna, as well as some Walkers and plenty more.

Days Gone By Boost

Of course you also get new scenarios to play on the alternative map here which features the camp site all set up and ready to be invested by the undead.

Days Gone By Models

You'll also find rules in here for creating your characters from scratch so if you wanted to use alternative names for some of the models in the box, or maybe even just pick up models from other collections this would give you a good avenue into this world.


You can also boost your collection with a few optional extras too.

Core Game Boost

This collects together six different Booster Boxes containing different characters including Rick on Horse which is pretty awesome and gives you a little more flexibility when you're playing games.

You can also of course still pick up plenty of awesome bits and pieces from the games main set and more so dive in and take a look.

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"This set also allows you to play out a solo version of the game with a new Event Deck..."

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