Dominion Goblins Ready To Raid For Moonstones

November 3, 2019 by avernos

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More pre-orders from Goblin King Games for Moonstone, this time for the Dominion. The first of these is the Bootys Bilge Troupe a trio of goblins with a flair for piracy.


Unlike the regular Dominion Goblins the Booty's Bilge boys are all about hit and run tactics. Using their pistols and energy manipulation to run rings around the Commonwealth and pick off weaker members of the other troupe.


Lead by El Capitano he strikes a majestic pose in his wheel barrow ship and is the key for the boys success. With a hatful of abilities to cause damage when he can, like 'Jolly Roger', and the capability to use  'Ye Scurvy Dogs' to buff his shipmates he's a great support character, coupled with some glass hammer like attack options to devastate weakened opponents people will fear the Captain.


Another fantastic sculpt, and let's face it name, Swiggarty Swooty who has a chest full of booty again blurs the line between support and main line character. While he is more than capable of dealing some damage with hot pistol actions he can also steal abilities from friends and foes within range which means a lot of people will want to give him a wide berth. I've never thought of wearing a cephalopod as a hat, but clearly beyond the sartorial elegance is the functionality of its many tentacles.


The last of the group is Crusty Balboa, a pirate goblin riding a giant shrimp into battle, what's not to love? If you haven't noticed the peg leg on the shrimp it's in the middle 😀 I believe that Balboa is the goblin, directing his monstrous mount Crusty. While not particularly nimble or good at defending himself from arcane attacks, the Crusty combo more than make up for it with armour and health. He has three abilities 'Pinch', 'Punch' and 'First of the Month'. It's an incredibly potent combo but the only way to get it off is for both El Capitano and Swiggarty Swooty to use their support abilities in the same turn, so this Troupe really needs to act as a crew for it to be as effective as possible.


Rounding off the Dominion pre-orders is Bristlenose the troll he has a beautiful aquatic feel about him. Haven't yet seen his stat cards but it's safe to assume that he won't be a support healing caster. Despite not being big on clothing he still has some lovely detailing, from the old boot and fish slice on his rope bandoleer, to the Troll-about-town wheel barrow shoulder pad, Bristlenose is a Troll on a mission. Maybe it's a mission to remove that hook from his lip.

All of these wonderful figures will be available from November 15th and available to pre-order now.

Avast ye Landlubbers, it's time for ye t' walk t' plank!

"I've never thought of wearing a cephalopod as a hat..."

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