Duncan Rhodes Working On Two Thin Coats Paint Range

August 27, 2021 by brennon

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It seems apt that Duncan Rhodes would use his tagline to do something fun. So, his Painting Academy is working alongside Trans Atlantis Games to produce a new range of paints for you to snap up and use on your miniatures. The Two Thin Coats paint range is on the way soon.

Two Thin Coats Teaser // Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy

There are going to be an interesting mix of colours for you to choose from. Metallics are in the mix alongside forty-eight regular paints. Additionally, you'll also be able to pick up six different washes. All of them have been designed from the ground up and should match the style of painting that Rhodes uses during his tutorials.

Two Thin Coats Paint Range - Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy

Two Thin Coats Paint Range // Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy

It will certainly be interesting to see how these square up against the paint ranges that already exist. A lot of people enjoy their Citadel, Vallejo and Army Painter so I wonder if this will be able to bust onto the market. I could see perhaps a choice few of these making their way into peoples collections as long as they are readily available!

Are you a fan of Rhodes' painting style? Could you be tempted to snap these up when they get released?

"Are you a fan of Rhodes' painting style?"

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