Skullduggery Press Direct The Troops With 15mm Silver Order Commander

May 1, 2015 by brennon

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If you're looking for some alternative Sci-Fi miniatures to use in your 15mm wargames then check out some of the newer pieces that Skullduggery Press have to offer including a look at their Silver Order Commander below...


He's very tiny but the details that you can make out on the model are very crisp. While I don't think I could ever focus in on the individual armour plates very well I think a good wash would bring out everything nicely.

Silver Order Commander #1

Silver Order Commander #2

He's been sculpted in a pose that suggests he's issuing orders to his troops on the battlefield which is quite cool. Given the nature of 15mm wargaming and how many more men you can field on the table I see this making more sense than at 28mm.


On the other side of things we also have a preview for the Tox Troopers Grav Bike which is also looking very finely detail when you look closely...

Tox Trooper Grav Bike

If you're looking for alternative armies for the likes of SpecOps or indeed Gruntz 15mm then this could be a range of troops to look at. I'm certainly going to be taking a closer look at their range.

Have you picked up any of their models before?

"...I think a good wash would bring out everything nicely."

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