Spellcrow Tease More Of Upcoming 10mm Wargame, Argatoria

June 22, 2020 by brennon

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Argatoria is an upcoming 10mm wargame coming out from the team at Spellcrow. The wargaming miniatures and such are already available from their webstore HERE but they have taken some time over the past week or so to talk about their plans for releasing the rules and more.

Argatoria Rules - Spellcrow.jpg

Argatoria // Spellcrow

The new game, which centres on the clash between barbarians and lizardfolk, is going to be coming out in October 2020 with full army boxes for the factions and of course the rulebook itself. The original idea was to launch the game in May but with all of the problems around the world, it had to take a backseat until now.

Alongside the release of Argatoria's rules and boxed sets, they are also planning a book called Horde Colours which explores painting the different armies from this game.

Argatoria Horde Colours - Spellcrow

Argatoria: Horde Colours // Spellcrow

The game, as mentioned in the title, is a 10mm affair so it seems like a lot of people are diving into these smaller scales for their wargames right now. You are already able to pick up a selection of characters, monsters, terrain, troops and more from their webstore and get planning your army.

Also, there is a set of Beta Rules available for download HERE too. Things are still in development but this should give you a good idea of the direction they are taking the rules and what's on offer through the system.

Are you going to be giving Argatoria and its range a go?

"The game, as mentioned in the title, is a 10mm affair..."

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