Sea, Steam and Space Previews from Spartan Games

March 16, 2012 by brennon

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We have seen concept and renders of a lot of these models before, but its always nice to see painted models from Spartan Games. Check out these from Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada...

New Firestorm Armada Ships

(From left to right) The Relthoza Gila Mk II Class Cruiser, Aquan Prime Chironex Mk II Class Cruiser, Terran Alliance Hermes Mk II Class Cruiser, Sorylian Collective Xiphos Mk II Class Carrier, Aquan Prime Charybdis Mk II Class Carrier, Terran Alliance Apollo Mk II Class Battleship, The Directorate Executioner Mk II Class Cruiser

New Uncharted Seas Ships

(From left to right) Orc Raiders Pounder Class War Fortress, Dragon Lords Invoker Class Cruiser, Orc Raiders Crusher Class War Tower, Iron Dwarves Guardian Class Floating Citadel, Thaniras Elves Thunderbird Class Storm Cruiser, Shroud Mages Darkness Class Cruiser

And if you remember the Towers and Bunkers from yesterday, here are some painted versions of those too just to show them off...

Dystopian Wars Bunkers

Dystopian Wars Towers

Loving all the painted models from Spartan Games across the ranges. Great to see things going from strength to strength with the games and can't wait to play some more of it! I am a personal fan of Uncharted Seas. Nothing better than Dwarves on the High Seas!

Liking these painted previews?

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