Devastators, Dark Angels & A Codex Spotted For 40k Space Marines

June 1, 2015 by brennon

There is a lot of Space Marine stuff coming out from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000 including a look at new Battleforces, an Interrogator Chaplain for the Dark Angels and a whole new Devastator Squad on top of the Codex release. You can see it all HERE.

Battleforces & Dark Angels

Found online on Bolter & Chainsword we have a look at the Battleforce for the Dark Angels although there are ones for the Blood Angels and Ultramarines too.

Dark Angel Captain (Art)

Each of the Battleforces gives you a Tactical Squad, Captain model and also a Dreadnought (if you're Ultramarines or Blood Angels). The Dark Angel set comes with a range of Space Marine Bikes instead for the Ravenwing arm of their army.

As well as the Ravenwing style boxed set they also might be getting a new Interrogator Chaplain as one was spotted in Warhammer: Visions by Bolter & Chainsword too. You can see what it looks like on the link above but it's a very, very nice model and the artwork below is quite close.

Interrogator Chaplain (Art)

Codex On The Horizon

As well as the new Battleforces there are some fantastic looking bits and pieces in the Limited Edition Codex set for Space Marines. There are a range of different Codices on offer each with their own Chapter flavour alongside a bunch of bits and pieces inside the box.

Old School Artwork

Devastators Blow Stuff Up

Last but not least is the new set of Devastator Space Marines thanks to Millest's Mediocre Meanderings. They have some new designs including interesting leg armour that looks like it's built for countering the kick back from those massive weapons they tout around.

Devastators (Art)

Inside the set you appear to get all the standard weapons including a Missile Launcher, Heavy Grav Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon, Lascannon and Multi-Melta.

So, will you be getting the new Space Marines?

"The Dark Angel set comes with a range of Space Marine Bikes instead for the Ravenwing arm of their army..."

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