The Goliath & More Reinforcements Pour Forth For The Genestealer Cults

October 1, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop continues to grow their newest Warhammer 40,000 faction with all manner of new units for the Genestealer Cults. We'll kick things off with the leaders of this horde, the Broodcoven.


The Broodcoven are the ones that pull the strings as you look towards the inevitable overrunning a once Imperial homeworld. The Patriarch (seen at the front of the image) controls the minds of all those infected by its genetic code. Meanwhile,the Primus and Magus carry out its every whim and seek to dominate the planet from within.

Following on from them we have some examples of those who have been swayed by the power of the Cult. The Neophyte Hybrid Squad gives you some options for customising your regular Imperial Guard soldiers.

Neophyte Hybrid Squad

Because their mutations are only slight they can still pass for regular humans and so continue to serve as part of the military organisations that protect the planet. However, when the time comes they will turn on their fellow soldiers and gun them down without remorse.

As a herald of the woe that will befall the planet we also have the Acolyte Iconward who plays an important part in the Cults surge from beneath the ground.

Acolyte Iconward

TheIconward is as much a symbol of military might as it is one of religious fervour. When the time comes this creature will urge the rest of its kin on to feats of barbarism and  brutality as they tear their way through Imperial society.

Cult Vehicles

One of the things that was teased as we watched the trailers and looked at the leaks was that we'd be seeing some new vehicles joining the fray alongside the Genestealers. Here we have the Goliath which comes in two forms. The first is the Truck...

Goliath Truck

...but we also have the Rockgrinder too which is a sure fire way to deliver your troops into the fray when the time comes for an invasion.

Goliath Rockgrinder

Using what they can from the various industries they've infiltrated all the Cults need to do is adorn them with their sigil and get ready for battle. Imagine one of these bursting through a thick defensive wall only to then douse those on the other side with cleansing flame.

Battle Mats

As well as these warriors and vehicles Games Workshop has also given us a place to play out our battles. The Battle Mat: City Ruin gets you started with a 4x4 square to play out small games. It's perfect for Kill Team in that regard.

Battle Mat - City Ruin

You could combine a few of these to give you an interesting battlefield right off the bat but I think these would work with a few gothic ruins allowing you to add to the height of the tablescape.

Hopefully, we'll see some more of these Battle Mats in the future. I'd like one without the terrain detail we see here for example.

What do you think of the newest releases?

"...when the time comes they will turn on their fellow soldiers and gun them down without remorse"

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