Privateer Send You Presents Via Butcher With New MiniCrate Miniature

November 5, 2018 by brennon

Privateer Press is getting ready for Christmas already with the reveal of their December MiniCrate Miniature, Butcher Claus.

Butcher Claus - Privateer Press

As you can see the Butcher has been given quite the makeover although I don't think I'd trust him, even if he was willing to give me some presents. I can imagine him killing you if you've been naughty...

Much like with their other MiniCrate miniatures this will be unique to the month of December and after that, it's gone forever. So, if you want this for Christmas you'll have to make sure you sign up.

Are you going to be getting ahold of him?

"I can imagine him killing you if you've been naughty..."

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