Abducktion! Snag Ducks For Experiments In A 3D-Spaceship

August 16, 2022 by fcostin

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A strange, unusual and interesting title has arrived up on Kickstarter, from the minds behind Puns of Anarchy and Ranson Notes, bringing Abducktion. Stealing ducks for experimental purposes has never been so adorable, in Abducktion: A Weirdly Strategic Game of Duck Kidnapping.

When was the last time you saw a duck? // Evan + Josh's Very Special Games Company

1-5 players will be taking the role of an exploration-driven alien keen on learning about the different species here on planet Earth. Finding a beaked, quacktastic species; ducks become the source of abduction!

Keen on collecting in those quackers, players will be tasked with placing ducks into a particular formation. Taking control of the duck's whereabouts with action cards. Once players are happy with their position of different ducks matching the pattern provided; you can place them into the UFO to return for experimentation, or hopefully rake in some more ducks. Racing opponents across roughly a 15 minute game, until the cards run out.


Abducktion // Evan + Josh's Very Special Games Company

Provides a real simplistic game with weird and wacky themes, as players aim to stock up the most ducks by referencing the cards. Players will find a competitive experience, which will have them giggling! Matching single-colour ducks and encouraging both a single-player and competitive experience.

Evan and Josh who are bringing the game into the public eye have said they wanted to make both a simple but head-scratching experience for adults, alongside some mastermind kinds too, being pitched for 12+.

Gameplay Preview - Abducktion

Gameplay Preview // Abducktion

There are several different pledges up on Kickstarter at the moment, including the base game for £21. However, if you wanted to expand the duckery even further, there is an official expansion turning the difficulty up a few notches. Adding green glitter ducks, and upping the player count to six devious ducknappers! Players will have the integration of the Research Pod, a mini ship that would house two ducks. With the addition of new formation cards, which can extend the playtime to a solid half an hour.

The campaign for Abducktion has got 17 days left on the clock and has truly smashed past the initial goal. If you are looking for a quickfire card game which encourages players to adapt to alien strategy - be sure to check out the title whilst it is live on Kickstarter.

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"Stealing ducks for experimental purposes has never been so adorable..."

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