Gianna’s Christmas List

December 28, 2018 by stvitusdancern

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Well, it is the time of the year when we all look to Christmas with wide eyes and big hopes. As a gamer I want to feel that magic of a new gaming experience. The top three choices for me would be the following:

Spectre Miniatures

With all the new sets that they keep releasing it is hard to keep up with them. However, there are two in particular that I would love to see Santa bring me this year. The first is the Chinese Special Forces. There are two to choose from the Jungle set and the Assault set. They bring a whole new twist on what is already available out there and would help expand gaming options.

Chinese Assault Squad

The second set is their recently released Ember Team - Black Powder Red Earth set. This set is based on the graphic novels of the same name. These have so many options that they can be used for any thing you have a need for. From others I have spoken to they say this set is the best set yet from Spectre Miniatures.

Historical Terrain - Impudent Mortal

So I have been planning on a big project for the American Civil War and have been discussing my idea with Oriskany. One of the challenges is finding terrain that can fit my needs and look right on the table. Walt over at Impudent Mortal has created a line of historical terrain that fits my needs. Of course assembly is required as well as painting and weathering. He even offers a bundle that will make Santa's Elves very happy. The nice thing is you can use these buildings for many different settings and games. I better find some elves that can help with assembly.

Return to Advanced Squad Leader!

Since the demise of Avalon Hill, yes I know they technically still exist, there has been a gap in some of the great wargames of the past. Advanced Squad Leader being one of them. However, the license was taken on by Multi-Man Publishing. They have produced a tonne add-on packs and extra scenarios to keep the game fresh and exciting. You can even get starter packs that address different sections of the rules and game play to help new players get comfortable with the game. Sometimes it is good to get back to your roots and look at where wargames had come from to see where we can go with them.

ASL Rules

Starter Kit #1

So many choices are available to the gamer and these three only slightly scratch the surface of what I have my eye and heart set on. There is the Anglo-Zulu War that rumor has it there might be a new terrain set coming, right Big Ben (4Ground)? Anyhow, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Did Santa bring you some new games and miniatures? 

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