Weekender: Greater Than Games’ Ace Collection & 80’s Cop Fun In Hard City

May 5, 2018 by dracs

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Welcome to The Weekender which features us talking about all manner of interesting tabletop topics including what's new in the world as well as chatting with some ace guests as well.

Weekender: Greater Than Games' Ace Collection & 80's Cop Fun In Hard City

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We've got Warlord Games in the studio talking about Konflikt '47 and Greater Than Games chatting about their newest releases, plus prizes too!


Make sure to keep an eye out for things happening on the website...

...and of course, keep an eye on everything else that's coming up too!

Unboxing Hard City

We take a look at a new game which is coming to Kickstarter very soon, Hard City. Cracking open the box we peek at a lot of the models from the game (prototypes right now!) and look through more of the game components too.

This 80's themed game seems like an awesome skirmish experience where you have to weigh up battling mutants AND saving the civilians from their evil grasp.

Konflikt '47 Show & Tell

The Warlord Games team are here with us again talking about what's new from Konflikt '47 right now and why you should be checking out their Weird World War game.

Who wouldn't want to hang around with werebears and crazy walkers?

News Time

It's time for us to take a look at what's new in the tabletop game world...

  • X-Wing 2.0 Announced - Fantasy Flight Games has an entirely new version of the popular game coming soon
  • Warhammer Fest Goodies - With Warhammer Fest next week, Games Workshop show off some Event Miniatures
  • Codex: Deathwatch - A new book has been released for this Xenos Hunting force in Warhammer 40,000
  • 4Ground's Terrain - Some amazing new releases dropped this month from 4Ground for May
  • D&D Painting - The Army Painter crew has put together a set of new paints and accessories for D&D hobbyists
  • Dropzone Commander - The new Beta Rules are available for download, so give them a look and feedback on what you think

...what caught your eye this week?

Greater Than Games' Awesome Collection

We talk with the Greater Than Games team who show off some of their new games that are out right now. These folks have been working on some amazing projects and their board games are a lot of fun to play.

Make sure to take a look at their range over on their webstore HERE.


We take a peek at some projects worth keeping an eye on...

...have you had a look at these?


As well as the WINNER for the Isorian Torgah MVII we have some awesome prizes to give away this week including the Ursus Bodyguard from Konflikt '47 and Spirit Island by Greater Than Games.

If you heard your name as the winner this week don't forget to Claim Your Prize.

Have a great weekend!

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