Meet The Heroes Of Privateer’s Widower’s Wood Board Game

February 3, 2016 by brennon

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Privateer Press have shown off the heroes that are going to be part of their new Iron Kingdoms board game world, Widower's Wood. This game will be going to Kickstarter later this month on February 16th...

Widower's Wood Heroes

Here's some background on the characters you'll be playing as...

"This group of unlikely allies is led by Olo, a croak who has, through unfortunate circumstances, been forced to confront an evil plot that threatens his home, his tribe, and his family (his young polliwogs are very sensitive to environmental change!). Along the way he is joined by other denizens of Widower’s Wood.

These fearsome individuals would normally avoid or even war with one another, but the growing threat is great enough that even the ferocious Tharn hunter, Skarg the Voracious, and Agata, a farrow of savage close-combat prowess, are willing to set aside their differences to defend their home.

The group is finally joined by a shadowy blackclad druid, Vaskis the Knotkeeper. Vaskis’ motivations are more complex than any of the others, but ultimately, he seeks to redress the growing imbalance of power lest it threaten the agendas of his masters in the Circle Orboros."

This is why I think that the world of Hordes trumps Warmachine. The characters, the factions and everything about the attitude of these creatures is so much more entertaining than their Warmachine friends. I'm sure other people will disagree but I love the crazy and chaotic nature of the wilds of Immoren.

Who will you play as?

"I love the crazy and chaotic nature of the wilds of Immoren..."

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