Head To New Galaxies In Star Wars: Outer Rim Unfinished Business

March 30, 2022 by fcostin

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We are returning to the Outer Rim! As Fantasy Flight Games have announced the upcoming expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim! Bringing wider experiences and new iconic characters to venture into dangerous missions for the next bounty hunt in Unfinished Business.

Unfinished Business Expansion - Star Wars Outer Rim

Unfinished Business Expansion // Star Wars: Outer Rim

The Outer Rim must seem an easy feat for you now. Having upgraded your ship many a time, raked in all the loot from savage bounties within the universe, and became a prestigious flawless group who is known to transport illegal goods with finesse. Players have mastered their fame rating of ten, and scoped the horizon for patrols across the galaxy. They are already top of the food chain, and have time to sit back and enjoy their hard-earned credit and purchase a little luxury.

However, the life of a bounty hunter will always eventually take them back on the road, and in the upcoming expansion; players will be heading back to the adventure to see the Outer Rim in a more savage place than anticipated. Challenge accepted!

1-4 players will be heading back into the hunt with their eyes on the Hyperplanes through the Core Worlds. In hopes of raking in some untapped goods, this will come with a greater challenge but a chance to recruit some exciting new members for the journey.

There is quite a lot coming in the board game expansion, including an extension of the board adding the Core Worlds. There will be new worlds with untapped opportunities and a new feature which will allow players to fast travel to the opposite side of the board. When heading into a new planet, players will be provided encounters as they pass through finding trouble along the way. You'd better make sure your ship is up to scratch!

Familiar Faces Cards - Unfinished Business

Familiar Faces Cards // Unfinished Business

Players will be expanding their roster of playable characters too, bringing Chewbacca, Dengar, and Hera Syndulla as playable characters - not just contacts. Plus adding the likes of Han Solo and Boba Fett as contacts - you can enlist even further for your crews to take on the new challenges ahead in the galaxy.

Along with the new characters, players will have the chance to access new ships, more jobs, new market cards, a shed ton of cards and tokens to bolster your core box and the addition of optional rules, such as adding the mechanic of favours to the game - causing players to be in debt from their competitors!

If you are ready to jump back into the cockpit, and head into some space-filled adventures. Star Wars™: Outer Rim Unfinished Business is now up for pre-order for a later release in October this year.

Will you be looking at expanding your base game for Unfinished Business? 

"1-4 players will be heading back into the hunt with their eyes on the Hyperplanes through the Core Worlds..."

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