Add A Military Attaché To Your Gang In Necromunda Soon

August 17, 2021 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been previewing some more interesting characters for the grimdark Sci-Fi world of Necromunda. A pair of Military Attaché can be snapped up and dropped into your gang soon with both the Krieg Mester and Jagerkin ready to drill your gang to make them more effective.

Krieg Mester - Necromunda

Krieg Mester // Necromunda

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Coming from House Greim, these military commanders are ready to bring the power of the noble houses to the dregs of the Underhive. The Krieg Mester offers tactical advice to your gang leaders and can perhaps offer up something of an upper hand when it comes to dealing with your foes.

As well as that, the Krieg Mester can also get stuck in and kick ass with his power sword. I like the idea that he literally walks everywhere, the clank of that bionic leg sounding on the gangways as he wanders the Underhive. You get the sense that he is still pretty spry and could avoid the flailing chainswords of his foes before dispatching his foe with a simple swipe of his cane.

The second of the miniatures is the perhaps more proactive Jagerkin.

Jagerkin - Necromunda

Jagerkin // Necromunda

These bonded servants stand before their Krieg Mesters and follow them into the heaviest of the fighting. They are often drawn from the Astra Militarum and are tasked with a simple directive. Keep the nobles alive. They are damn good with their weapon of choice and will throw themselves into danger to protect their masters.

Any gang may draw on the tactical nuance of a Military Attaché if they swear allegiance to House Greim. It seems like they enjoy working alongside House Goliath in particular. If you're looking to pick them up then watch out for a release soon and find the rules in House Of Chains.

Are you going to be snapping up these miniatures?

"Any gang may draw on the tactical nuance of a Military Attaché if they swear allegiance to House Greim..."

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