Hot New October 2016 Releases For Infinity!

October 27, 2016 by dignity

It's that time again as we dive into what Infinity has to offer for October. There are some cracking models on the way so let's take a look...

Tohaa 300 Points Pack

Game: Infinity Army: Tohaa Model(s): 300 Point army Pack

The Tohaa are getting themselves a repackaged eighteen miniature pack. Content wise this gives you enough to play with a totally tournament legal 300 point army which is great for someone new getting into the game.

With some regular infantry in the mix alongside some more specialised soldiers, you have quite the range of tactics to explore and use on the tabletop.

Wu Ming Assault Corps with Heavy Rocket Launcher

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Wu Ming Assault Corps

Joining the Imperial Service for Yu Jing we have a female trooper hitting the tabletop. Wu Ming means those without a name, and they find themselves working for the Empire as a nameless warrior.

Despite their nameless existence they aren't to be trifled with as they are badasses ready to blast all of your enemies away.

Ahl Fassid Regiment with Heavy Rocket Launcher

Game: Infinity Army: Haqqislam Model(s): Ahl Fassid

Not to be outdone on the 'things that can boom' side of things the Ramah Taskforce for Haqqislam has called in the Ahl Fassid Regiment. With a serious loadout, this gentleman can bring death to the battlefield with a smile.

I think I'd be smiling with all that armour on as the bullets just harmless dinked off me!

Suryats, Assault Heavy Infantry

Game: Infinity Army: combined army Model(s): Suryats

The Combined Army and the Morat Aggression Force strike once again with a boxed set of four miniatures. You'll get three Suryats in the box as well as one Tinbot.

This is a particularly devastating fireteam based on nothing short of pure firepower. Why bother with too many tactics when you can raze the enemies position to the ground?

Miyamoto Mushashi Aristeia! Outfit

Game: Infinity Army: Mercenaries Model(s): Miyamoto Mushashi Aristeia! outfit

As a set of two miniatures, you're getting this Mercenary for the Japanese Sectorial Army in two styles. He is the man, the myth and most assuredly the legend.

As Saint of the Sword, Miyamoto brings the highest close combat profile ever to the world of Infinity. With Martial Arts Level 5 he is more than man enough to cut enemies in half with a single blow.

Acontecimentio Shock Army Starter Pack

Game: Infinity Army: PanOceania Model(s): Acontecimento Shock Army Starter Pack

Coming as a new set of six miniatures this Starter Box is great for those looking to start PanOceania and Acontecimento. Inside you'll get four regular soldiers armed with Combi Rifles, a Spitfire and a MULTI Sniper Rifle for those long range encounters.

You'll also get an Akalis with the Assault Hacker Device and a Montesa Knight who looks stunning sporting a Spitfire. This makes for a great start if you're getting into Infinity.

What do you like from this month's selection?

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