Wolfgang Amadeus Slashes Out A Bloody Tune For Infinity In July

June 22, 2022 by brennon

New releases are firing up for the 28mm Sci-Fi world of Infinity from Corvus Belli for July. Ariadna, Yu Jing and PanOceania get themselves some new characters and specialist troops to use during your battles on the tabletop.

Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff - Infinity

Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff // Infinity

We start out with a maestro of violence in the form of Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff, Wulver Bounty Hunter. If you're into the wild and feral nature of the forces of Ariadna then you will certainly want to snap up this miniature.

Wolfgang brings together the fury of his werewolf form alongside the power of a cyberclaw. Whilst he fights for the forces of Ariadna, this Bounty Hunter could also find his way into a Nomad force if you would prefer. The only thing that drives him is the thrill of the hunt!

I love the pose of the character, slap-bang in the moment of the murder, ripping the head off some unfortunate robot.

Keeping with the theme of Ariadna, we also have Uxia McNeill.

Uxia McNeill - Infinity

Uxia McNeill // Infinity

Whilst rowdy and bawdy, McNeill has also shown a talent for stealth and covert ops. She joined the Highlander SAS Regiment and now stalks through the wilderness, hunting her foes. Again, an amazing sculpt, especially when it comes to her face. I love the little smirk on her face!

She comes armed with a Boarding Shotgun and carries her nasty machete for when the wet work needs to get up close and personal.

Both of these miniatures have been suggested for use with Infinity: CodeOne. So, if you're diving into this Sci-Fi game with the slightly more cutdown rules present in CodeOne, you might find a need for these wild specialists.

Yu Jing & PanOceania Releases

As well as the Ariadna duo, we also have a couple of new squads that have been offered up for Yu Jing and PanOceania. We begin with the Tiangou Orbital Activity Squad.

Tiangou Orbital Activity Squad - Infinity

Tiangou Orbital Activity Squad // Infinity

Tasked with protecting the skies and hunting down the enemies of Yu Jing, this squad comes with four metal miniatures. You get a Tiangou Hacker who is then partnered up with a Tiangou armed with a Boarding Shotgun and Jammer. Two MadTraps then aid them in their endeavours, making for a really fun little Fireteam.

These troops have been used to fighting in zero-g so they are super good on the move and they can use their holodevices to confuse the enemy.

If you would prefer to bulk out your PanOceanian collection then you can also pick up the Headquarters Pack.

PanOceania Headquarters Pack - Infinity

PanOceania Headquarters Pack // Infinity

The Lord is with these warriors of PanOceania. God guides their arm when it comes to the clash on the battlefield and you'd do well to get out of their way. Cranking up the "Sci-Fi Knights" vibe, this looks like the perfect set for those seeking "space paladins" for want of a better phrase.

The set comes with Kyle Hawkins, a Military Order Curator and finally a Military Order Grand Master. This offers up the spearhead for your force, an invaluable engineer and then a HVT (High-Value Target) for your missions.

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up these new July releases?

"We start out with a maestro of violence in the form of Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff, Wulver Bounty Hunter..."

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