Exclusive! Check Out The Awesome Crimson Typhoon For Pacific Rim: Extinction

March 31, 2018 by brennon

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River Horse's Pacific Rim: Extinction is closing in on the final few days on Kickstarter and with that, they wanted to show off another of the models that will be getting added to the campaign! Check out Crimson Typhoon, the Jaeger that you might remember from the first film.

Pacific Rim Extinction - Crimson Final_01

The model is looking very cool indeed and it's nice to see more of these old Jaegers also making it into the mix for the campaign.

Pacific Rim Extinction - Crimson Final_03

Like all of the Jaegers for the game, this massive robots stands at around 85mm on the tabletop. It's nice to see them in proper action poses as well, as that's what you want when it comes to fighting Kaiju!

Pacific Rim Extinction - Crimson Final_04

Talking of the other miniatures, River Horse also showed off some scale comparison pictures which detail just how big these Jaegers and Kaiju are. Here we have Gipsy Avenger compared against some of the other available miniatures out there...

Pacific Rim Extinction - Gipsycomparison

...and one of the other massive monsters too, Hakuja.

Pacific Rim Extinction - Hakujacomparison

If this has got you interested in the game you can watch our interview with Alessio Cavatore all about it here...

...and also see how to play the game thanks to Becca Scott from Geek & Sundry.

Make sure to drop your comments below on what you think of the game!

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