12mm Russians & Rumbling Tanks Hit Victrix’s Battlefield

May 14, 2021 by brennon

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Victrix has been showing off some more of the 12mm miniatures they have been working on for World War II wargaming. One of the more recent previews was for some of their Soviet Infantry that is coming soon.

12mm Russian Infantry - Victrix

12mm Russian Infantry // Victrix

These are some pretty awesome looking soldiers armed with an array of different weapons. You've got some rifles, submachine guns and more in this set and plenty of kit attached to each. There are going to be plenty more miniatures soon including a variety of poses and a set of heavy weapons for your Soviet soldiers.

Rumbling Armour

As well as the Russian Infantry, we also got a look at the Churchill III / IV kit which is now available over on their webstore.

Churchill - Victrix

Churchill // Victrix

This was one of the heavy infantry tanks used in World War II by the British and it certainly did the job well. It was well known for its heavy armour, a long chassis and tracks which allowed it to climb steep slopes and tackle some of the most dangerous locations on the battlefield.

Churchill III Kit - Victrix

Churchill Kit // Victrix

I have been informed by social media (wrongly or rightly) that this allows you to make a Churchill III and the updated IV version. If you have any information to the contrary, make sure to let me know down below. I might have spent a lot of time around John but I don't think all of the tank knowledge has been absorbed yet.

Are you going to be checking out more of these 12mm World War II miniatures from Victrix?

"Are you going to be checking out more of these 12mm World War II miniatures from Victrix?"

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