Get The Goblin Gits Together With Kromlech’s New Releases

November 2, 2018 by brennon

Orktober might be over but that hasn't stopped Kromlech from releasing a whole bunch of great new figures over the last few days. For example, we have the very characterful Goblin Gits Gang.

Goblin Gitz Gang - Kromlech

Inside the set, you get a whole bunch of funky looking Goblins who are just waiting to sneak up on their foes and blast them away.

You could use these as you see here, or maybe introduce them to the back of vehicles instead, shooting their guns at opponents as they race past them.

Goblin Gitz Gang (Miniatures) - Kromlech

The set comes with ten different miniatures and if you snapped up a couple of sets of these you'd have a fantastic unit to use on the tabletop!

What do you think of these pesky little Gits?

"What do you think of these pesky little Gits?"

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