Mantic Show Off New Deadzone Miniatures For July

January 5, 2019 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been previewing some new stuff on the horizon for Deadzone. Whilst there's all manner of goodies coming soon there were three miniature releases shown off on their blog this week.

Stuntbot - Mantic Games

The first of them is this rather awesome looking Stuntbot. This version of the walker will be coming in resin this year with both melee and ranged options available. For those of you that have a Stuntbot already, you'll also be able to buy the arms separately.

Talking about walkers, we also saw a preview for Bolts here who has made himself a rather massive goblin-based bot.

Bolts - Mantic Games

This chap is a new leader for those playing as the Marauders and shows off a very happy pilot, ready to leap into battle and start carving up his enemies. I think this deserves plenty of very interesting paint scheme choices.

The Nameless are not to be outdone either as they also have a Feromite slithering forth to rip and tear.

Feromite - Mantic Games

All in all, there are plenty of interesting new additions to the world of Deadzone. It's great to see that the game is still living and breathing alongside some of the other wargames from Mantic Games and hopefully it goes from strength to strength.

Are you tempted to snap up some more characters for Deadzone?

"It's great to see that the game is still living and breathing..."

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