Grab Privateer’s Special Adepticon Warcaster Miniature

March 31, 2020 by brennon

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With Adepticon meant to have been running over last weekend, Privateer Press made their show special miniature available to all online. This Coalition Weaver Alternative Sculpt from their upcoming game, Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is still around for you to snag from their webstore.

Marcher Worlds Coalition Weaver Alt Sculpt - Warcaster

Here is a bit of background on this particular character within the game...

"Trained and equipped to work seamlessly in support of their Warcasters, Coalition Weavers are the spearpoint of the Warcasters’ arcane might. Swift moving and hard to pin down, these aggressive Weavers open their minds completely to their Warcaster’s destructive power, enabling them to retain an echo of the Furies channelled through them for concurrent projections. The Coalition Weaver’s battle staff is a potent force weapon, capable of slamming any enemy out of the Weaver's path."

You get a neat alternative take on the model that was offered up through the Kickstarter campaign and it certainly moves more towards the anime hero side of things thanks to that haircut! I think of the different factions that Privateer Press showed off during the campaign, the Marcher Worlds had a nice dose of character to them and they could be fun to paint.

Are you going to be diving in and picking up this special miniature?

"Are you going to be diving in and picking up this special miniature?"

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