Trish Carden Tinkers With Mortal Gods: Mythic Minotaur

February 4, 2020 by brennon

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Trish Carden has been showing off the work that has been going into a new model for the Mortal Gods: Mythic Kickstarter from Footsore Miniatures & Games. Here we have a classic Minotaur, roaring and ready to crush whatever foe has wandered into its labyrinth.

Minotaur #1 - Footsore Miniatures

This monstrous creature which your warriors can fight against and alongside will stand at around 60mm in height and will be armed with a beefy double-handed and double-bladed axe. This is certainly a creature that you wouldn't want to bump into on the battlefield, especially at full charge.

Minotaur #2 - Footsore Miniatures

Carden has done some really good work on the monsters for this Kickstarter and I think they work really well alongside the heroes and troops that we've also seen included as part of the project. There is a real sense of menace to the monsters that Carden has created and that's perfect when you're looking to send a shiver through your opponent's spine.

The Kickstarter has just under two weeks left so if you want to get involved, check it out HERE.

Are you going to be snapping up your own Minotaur?

"Are you going to be snapping up your own Minotaur?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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