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Early Republic Rome and Contrast paints a journey – Saga Hannibal, Clash of Spears and Mortal Gods Greeks/Athenians/Spartans – lots of stuff


Spring Clean 2021 – Totally historically accurate fantasy Celtic army

The Eighty Years War

Infinity Spring Cleaning

Man O War Elf Fleet Print, Paint & Play

Back to the old hammer

TheHobbyLodge does Kill Team

Spring Clean Oldhammer 2021

Back to the Grim Dark…..

The Final Push – Lawnor approaches 100% painted

CRC’s Crazy Compendium 2; Eclectic Boogaloo

Tuffys random crap project

Volvos in space – a spring cleaning challenge

Raise high ze black flags my children! – The Prussian Army of 1813-1815

Spring Cleaning the Frozen City

Cthulhu: Death may die board game.

Opening the hobby horror closet

WIP it

Finally Finishing an Army

Begun, another Legion project has.

How to be an Armoured Farmer, building Hobart’s Funnies in Glorious 15mm (and maybe 28mm if they arrive in time!)

The cult with in the wastes

Sylvaneth – Painting an Army (Spring Clean)

Zebraoutrider’s Astra Militarum Tank Rescue, Recovery, Repair, Repurpose and Recommissioning Workshop

Super Fantasy Brawl from the HobbyLodge

converting a toy helicarrier

Spring Clean Challenge Sassanids Revived

The Ancient Kin – An Elf Project

672nd Fighter Wing, Red Dragon Squadron Imperial Navy – “The Red Baroness” (SPRING CLEAN CHALLENGE 2021 by Zebraoutrider)

Victorian science fiction

Lupa15’s Spring Cleaning 2021

STALINGRAD Bolt Action Mega Battle!

Epic spring clean

Batman Gotham City Chronicles by Poentje

A titanic spring clean

Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it – will they come

Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight Spiced Up (Spring Clean)

1/72 Macedonian and Carthaginian Armies

Too much to clean? A big Spring Cleaning Challenge!

A Mutant Rabble

Armies of Fantasy Warriors

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