4Ground Test Out Their Powders On New Grimdark Tile Sets

December 3, 2019 by brennon

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A range of powders from 4Ground are going to be coming out next year, hopefully near to Salute. With that in mind, they've been testing out some of the techniques you can achieve on their new Necromunda Tiles that they have been previewing over the last few weeks.

Necro Tiles With Powder #1 - 4Ground

The different powders allow you to achieve a selection of alternative looks ranging from a rusted interior to one which has been scuffed up and battered from use. You can read about the technique used here...

"4GRP are a set of resin polymer powders, the resin polymers have been milled to engender high-performance properties, the pigments are provided using the same base as our paints. Therefore the colours in the forthcoming range are complementary to our kits. In addition to these are the two oxidized metals which we don't do as paints. I used a water atomiser to coat the surface of these models then liberally applied the rust render powder on both of them turned it over and tapped it off. Then with an old brush used as a pallet knife I moved the rust to where I wanted it.

The kit with the copper then differs to the one with just the rust as I painted on water and then I very carefully sprinkled the copper oxidization on the areas I wanted it. Then within a few minutes, I lightly sprayed GW varnish. I then dropped clumps of rust powder from the edge of a craft knife where I wanted blistering. This I did for both the iron oxide and the copper oxide. I then did another fine varnish over the top, gave it half an hour to dry and rubbed over with my dry sponge.

TLDR: Exactly the same as weathering powder but with water instead of white spirit. This can also be mixed with PVA glue to make a much thicker render paste that will set up to 15mm deep."

So, that should give you a good idea of how you can get this effect on your own terrain pieces next year.

Necro Tiles With Powder #2 - 4Ground

We think it looks very nice indeed and we'll hopefully be able to give it a go in the near future on some of the terrain we have lying around. I'm sure you'd like to see how it all works on camera right?

Let us know in the comments below...

"The different powders allow you to achieve a selection of alternative looks..."

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