Archon’s Dungeon & Lasers Terrain Pricing Revealed

July 15, 2019 by brennon

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The team at Archon Studio have revealed the pricing for their various pledges and options as part of the new Dungeons & Lasers project. They are looking to be heading to Kickstarter very soon in just under a month and this gives you a sneaky look ahead at what's coming.

Dungeon Master Pledge - Archon Studio

There are three Core Pledges for the campaign in the running. You have the Dungeon Master Pledge which you can see above followed by the Quest Of Eternity Pledge and...

Quest Of Eternity Pledge - Archon Studio

...The Story Ends Pledge which is the biggest of them. These give you the different Core Sets that are available as part of the Dungeons & Lasers range plus options to pick up some of the added extras, bolting on various chambers, halls and more in order to create unique looking layouts for your dungeon delving.

The Story Ends - Archon Studio

All of these look fairly immense and whilst the other two are rather extravagant I think that the Dungeon Master Pledge might be a good entry point for someone wanting to jump in on the campaign as it offers up a fairly good chunk of stuff without too big a drop of cash!

Core Sets

As mentioned above, the campaign is focused around some Core Sets. Here they are for you to take a closer look at...

Sci-Fi Core Set

Sci-Fi Core Set - Archon Studio

Fantasy Core Set

Fantasy Core Set - Archon Studio

So, as you can see, they give you the basis for your various adventuring activities on the tabletop. You get genre-specific walls and floors which are good for setting the scene. You could use these for lots of things beyond roleplaying games too, as I reckon they'd make good interiors to explore in skirmish games as well.

Kickstarter Extras

So, you've seen the main pledges and the Core Sets, but there are also all of the extras that popped up too. Well, here we have a look at them in more detail so you can think about which ones you'll pick alongside your pledge. First up, the Sci-Fi options!

Xenogenesis Cell - Archon Studio

Engine Room - Archon Studio

AI Centre - Archon Studio

Then, we step back into the realm of Fantasy for those various extras you can plug into your dungeon.

Warlock Altar - Archon Studio

Torture Chamber - Archon Studio

Hall Of Heroes - Archon Studio

As you can see, there is already a lot in the pipeline for this campaign and I'm sure that we're going to see more unlocked as it garners backers.

Sign Up To Their Newsletter

There's still a little bit of time before the Kickstarter launches so make sure you head on over to the Dungeons & Lasers website where you can sign up to their Newsletter in order to be notified of when more information drops on the campaign.

What do you think of the options we're seeing here?

"What do you think of the options we're seeing here?"

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