Forge World Reveal New Horus Heresy Sanguinius Miniature!

January 28, 2019 by brennon

Forge World has today revealed the miniature for Sanguinius, Primarch Of The Blood Angels. Check him out...

Sanguinius - Forge World

Most of you familiar with Warhammer 40,000 lore will be familiar with this angelic warrior who sacrificed himself battling Horus atop the bridge of the Vengeful Spirit. He was a peerless warrior and battled the forces of Chaos time and time again, his death sending a shockwave through his Chapter that would forever change them.

I quite like the artistry of this piece which looks like it has really drawn from the various pieces of artwork done of the Primarch over the years. He certainly has that angelic and dangerous feel nailed down, descending on his enemies to deliver judgement.

The miniature above is available as part of their Horus Heresy Character Series but there will also be a special version of the model which will come with an extraordinary display base.

Suddenly a lot of Blood Angels players cried out in glee!

What do you make of this new Primarch?

"Suddenly a lot of Blood Angels players cried out in glee!"

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