Let’s Play: Undaunted Stalingrad [One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall – The Final Scenario] | Osprey Games

December 28, 2023 by avernos

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SPOILER ALERT: This is a full Let's Play series of the Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign and therefore will explore the branching storyline of the amazing World War II board game. Please be aware of that before watching!

We dive into the last Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We've played through the full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game and now both armies clash in a massive battle for control of Stalingrad.


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The final scenario changes things up massively for the climax of the year-long campaign. The guys have the claimed areas throughout the year, sections of Stalingrad have swapped back and forth between the two armies as they attempted to wrest control of the city and now those areas will be the foothold from which they launch their respective attacks from. All the cards are on the table as everything is unlocked and ready to rock as the final game of the campaign begins.

Who do you think will gain the final victory in Stalingrad?

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