Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Champions & Bolt Action Boot Camp Announced

July 28, 2018 by lancorz

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We've got a packed show for you today and guess who is back! Yes, it's Lloyd! We have managed to drag him away from the computer and get him into the set to get a round-up of what's awesome in the tabletop gaming world.

Make sure to tune in and chat in the comments with anything that caught your eye.


We have some big updates for you this week...

  • NO Weekender Next Week - Justin & Sam are in America covering Gen Con with Dawn & Gianna
  • Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition - Check out the first actual play of the game set within the World Of Darkness

...so make sure to catch us at Gen Con next week for our meet-up next Saturday at 7:30pm at Loughmiller's and watch the Darker Days Radio guys get stuck into being Vampires.

Bolt Action Boot Camp

We can also announce that we will be running a Bolt Action Boot Camp at the end of September between September 28th and 30th.

Tickets will be going up soon so watch this space and the theme is going to be focused on the Western Desert Campaign from World War II


Here is a round-up of what's caught our eye from the news this week.

What caught your eye from the news this week that we didn't mention?

TANKS: The Modern Age

We bring John in to take a look at the new TANKS: The Modern Age game and the Starter Set which is coming soon from the folks at Gale Force Nine.

Look out for much more in the future as we'll no doubt be cracking open the expansions and more for a Let's Play in the near future!

Micro Art's Desert Terrain

This has been out for a while but we take a look at the new Desert Terrain from Micro Art Studio. This would, of course, be great for the likes of Star Wars: Legion or something like Infinity too!

How would you go about painting these terrain pieces?


Let's take a peek at two Kickstarters that we think are worth checking out this week.

Which of these would you snap up?

Competition Winners

We announce the winners from Operation Coldfront Week so if you heard your names make sure to Claim Your Prize!

Plenty of happy people this weekend we hope.

Have a great weekend!

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