Community Spotlight: Glamourous Aliens, Mediterranean Farms & Undead Wraiths

March 1, 2020 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: Glamourous Aliens, Mediterranean Farms & Undead Wraiths

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Jingwei by gokufan

We start with some work by gokufan who has been tinkering in the extreme over this massive project. A lot of work has gone into painting another of the Celestial Genesis miniatures here and this time we're looking at the finished Jingwei.

Jingwei #1 by gokufan

Now, this is a rather impressive miniature which was sculpted up by the team at Diemension Games and what we're seeing here does great credit to the sculpt. I love the way that all of the colours have been really vividly been brought to life from that alien pink skin through to the metal of her 'armour'. All of this is then contrasted against the very strange looking addition to her back.

Jingwei #2 by gokufan

The work that went into the eye, in particular, is just amazing and I love how that has all come together. What is even more impressive is once you start to get a peek at the smaller eyes all around it that have also been painstakingly painted in lots of detail.

Jingwei #3 by gokufan

Also, we've got to give another nod towards the base that has been designed to hold Jingwei in place. It works really nicely as a contrast to the character, especially with the more earthy tones. However, one lesson that gokufan did learn was that if you're going to be presenting a flying miniature like this you REALLY need a bigger base to stop her tipping over.

Whilst we've got a wonderful look at the finished miniature right now it is currently sitting in pieces! I think you'd class that as taking one for the team.

Mediterranean Farm by panzerkaput

Next up, we're looking back in time to the Ancient period and a rather nice Mediterranean Farm which has been painted up by panzerkaput for those playing games of Mortal Gods. Check it out...

Mediterranean Farm #1 by panzerkaput

The terrain comes from Sarissa Precision and gives you a wonderful looking building which could fit into a few different periods actually. I think it has been painted up really nicely, especially with a degree of weathering involved which makes it look like it has been lived in and used for a few years. Nothing is ever sparkling clean, especially back in the Ancient days.

Mediterranean Farm #2 by panzerkaput

I think the painting of this particular piece has been done in such a way that it looks really natural and it also blends in with the landscape very nicely. I think with the right kind of mat and perhaps some farmland around it, you'd have a very characterful piece for the continent.

As well as being useful for the Ancient period you could also find this being of use in games like Blood & Plunder,  Spanish Napoleonics and the Spanish Civil War too as panzerkaput himself puts forth. Again, a special mention to the way the weathering has been done here so that it feels like a realistic piece rather than a prop!

Nighthaunt by dugthefug1644

Last but not least we're going to be venturing into the Mortal Realms and more of the painting by dugthefug1644 who continues to be an inspiration as he paints his way through everything and anything that is put in front of him! This time its Nighthaunt from Age Of Sigmar.

Nighthaunt #1 by dugthefug1644

A whole bunch of awesome looking miniatures are in the mix here from the What Are You Painting Now? thread. As well as some traditional designs from the regular plastic kit there are also a few pieces which have been converted up using alternative kits as well. I really like the way that we've got a nice change between the ethereal blue and white and the dirty leather, their funeral garb they were buried with.

Nighthaunt #2 by dugthefug1644

This makes these awesome looking miniatures look all the more impressive. It's very easy to just build a Nighthaunt army using simple ghostly painting schemes but taking it this extra step and adding in a bit more of that zombified skin really helps with the character of the force. A lot of these have been built now and they're looking superb.

Nighthaunt #3 by dugthefug1644

The Nighthaunt is certainly a force that I think would be great for those starting out in Age Of Sigmar and you can pretty much rely on dugthefug1644 having done something from the range that you have in your collection. So, if you want to paint up some models yourself I'm sure you could ask him some advice.

I absolutely love these miniatures and their paint scheme. It is making me very interested in painting up some more models from the Mortal Realms...

What Are You Painting Right Now?

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