The Hucksters Are You’re Answer To All Your Shopping Needs In Malifaux

June 12, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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Need something that is strictly not on the level in Malifaux? No worries, I know a few guys and gals.

"Hey, I thought those were illegal?"

"What the Guild doesn't know..."

Check out the latest Malifaux Monday Preview from Wyrd Games. This motley crew can get you what you need in Malifaux- for the right price. Meet the Hucksters! Wyrd didn't come right out to say exactly which faction they belong too, though the Outcasts or even the Gremlins seem within the realm of possibilities.

In fact, by the looks of this lot, they would probably join up with anyone for the right price.

Who do you think this bunch of "enterprising businessmen and women" belong to in Malifaux and what do you suppose they're selling?

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