Wild West Exodus’ New Posse Head To Rio Sonora For A Gunfight

February 11, 2020 by brennon

Warcradle has been releasing some more goodies for those who are diving into the world of Wild West Exodus. Pre-orders are now available for a new set, the Dead Or Alive posse.

Dead Or Alive Posse - Wild West Exodus

This band of mercenaries are drawn from a number of different factions. You've got Outlaws, Lawmen and the Hex in the mix here with an all-star cast of very cool looking heroes (or villains) for you to use in your games.

Inside this particular set you get Lilith Hart, Yan "The Wraith" Packer, Longtree, Thomas Tate Tobin, Jim Petersen, Broad Arrow Jack and finally James "The Masked Marshal" McClain. There is, as always, a lot of background and fluff which has gone into this world from Warcradle so it is well worth checking out what they have to say over on the webstore page. These folks are on the run and that kind of thing binds folk together!

Down In Rio Sonora

As well as the new Posse Set you can also pick up a new selection of terrain from Rio Sonora.

Rio Sonora Terrain - Wild West Exodus

This rather quaint looking town has now turned into a little bit of a warzone as your gangs start duking it out...

"The small but productive town of Rio Sonora has enjoyed relative anonymity over the years allowing it to grow in peace and prosperity. A recent influx of visitors from across the border of New Mexico and the Arizona Territories has shattered this peace.

Now many outlaws have used the town as a place to hide out and lay low meaning that in an inevitable influx of Lawmen and Union Agents has followed close on their heels. Now the streets of Rio Sonora run with the blood of innocents as well as the not so innocent and gunfights and all-out skirmishes tarnish this once vibrant oasis in the New Mexican desert. Those who still call Rio Sonora their home either have no way of moving or are too stubborn to stay."

Each of the buildings in the set comes as you see above with lots of interior details and little additions which give it the feel of a Steampunk/Pulpy world that sits on the frontier. There are six buildings in the set which should be enough for you to play a game quite nicely. All you'd need to do is throw a few more elements into the equation, perhaps some barriers and other bits and bobs that have scattered out onto the street.

If you're a fan of Wild West Exodus this might be a nice set to check out!

"This rather quaint looking town has now turned into a little bit of a warzone..."

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