The Lynch Mob Is Causing Havoc In Warcradle’s Wild West Exodus

September 3, 2019 by brennon

Wild West Exodus is filled with colourful characters and that's certainly the case with the new Lynch Mob Posse which is now available for pre-order over on the Warcradle webstore.

Lynch Mob Posse - Wild West Exodus

The Lynch Mob is led by Kingsley Stern who has his own ideas on exactly how to bring justice to the lawless Wild West. Instead of bringing people in from the ranks of the Lawmen he prefers to call on the aid of the varied populace that inhabits the world of Wild West Exodus. To that end, this set shows him supported by ten Angry Mob members, ready to bring their own brand of justice to the frontier.

This certainly makes for an interesting and diverse crew which will be pretty unlike anything else you've seen on the tabletop I'd bet. I'm particularly interested to see how that fellow with the bottle of hooch does when faced by a snarling Warrior Nation beast.

Hex Beasts & Lovers

Next up we're turning our attention to a sorrowful story of eldritch magic, hex beasts and monstrous folk on all sides. Here we have Lucretia & Tituba. Once (and still) lovers, they faced a twisting tale which resulted in Lucretia's lover changing into the beast you see here.

Legendary Lucretia & Tituba - Wild West Exodus

With a fragment of Tituba's humanity still within this twisted form, Lucretia and Tituba fled to the Arizona Territory and now seek all manner of different secrets in order to try and explore the connection she has with the Hex beasts that roam Wild West Exodus.

They have quite a sorrowful tale which is well worth reading HERE.

Ghostly Forces

Finally for this selection of releases we have the addition of the Spirit Apparitions who are going to be haunting the lands of Wild West Exodus.

Spirit Apparitions - Wild West Exodus

Able to tear flesh from bone and scare the life out of anyone who witnesses their true power, the Spirit Apparitions appear differently to everyone. To some, they are terrifying monsters as you see here whilst many might seem them as angelic and divine. I think I'd be more inclined to treat these spirits with caution and remain on their good side. Make sure you don't go building your house on a Warrior Nation grave.

What do you make of these new releases?

"Make sure you don't go building your house on a Warrior Nation grave..."

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