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Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

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Deep Space Horror Miniatures Coming Soon From Westfalia!


Westfalia Miniatures have paired up with Boris Woloszyn once again for an awesome-looking Sci-Fi Kickstarter called Dark Objects. The aim is to produce an awesome range of new 28mm miniatures featuring the good and the downright evil. 

Has Warhammer 40K 10th Edition Got You Hooked Again On The Grimdark? #OTTWeekender

1 year ago 31

It's OTT Weekender time! With 10th Edition Warhammer 40K coming up for pre-order this weekend as part of the Leviathan boxed set, has this new edition charmed you? Do you think that you're going to get hooked again on the grimdark?

Wyrm Forge Bring Champions Of Hyperborea To Life


Wyrm Forge are going to be coming to Kickstarter in the next couple of weeks with their new Champions Of Hyperborea campaign. Featuring sculpts from the ever-awesome Boris Woloszyn, this is going to be a hard one to skip out on!

Celebrate 10 Years Of Westfalia With The Dark Ten Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with their newest project which is celebrating ten years of creating amazing miniatures for the tabletop. The Dark Ten features 32mm miniatures both new and returning that you can snap up and add to your collection.

Celebrate 10 Years Of Westfalia Minis With Upcoming Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures has been previewing some of the new 32mm resin miniatures they are going to be bringing to Kickstarter to celebrate their tenth birthday! The Dark Ten will offer up quite a range of different sculpts from what we've seen so far. 

Help A Ukrainian Sculptor With Westfalia’s Герої – The Heroes


Westfalia Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with a fantastic project aiming to help a Ukrainian sculptor called Roman Hryhoriev. For helping out with this funding effort, you'll get your hands on some epic new 32mm Fantasy heroes and monsters for use in your tabletop games.

Boris Woloszyn Shows Off More Weird & Wonderful Miniatures


Boris Woloszyn has been showing off more of his amazing sculpting work recently over on Facebook. Many of these Fantasy miniatures are destined for Westfalia Miniatures but others might be destined for other projects too.

Boris Woloszyn Previews His Horsemen Of The Apocalypse!


Boris Woloszyn, who many will know from his sculpting on the latest MORK BORG Miniatures Kickstarter, has been previewing some towering and terrifying new miniatures. The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse are on the way.

Westfalia & Boris Preview More Excellent MORK BORG Miniatures


Westfalia Miniatures and Boris Wołoszyn have been showing off more of the miniatures that are going to become part of their new MORK BORG Kickstarter! 

Warhammer: The Old World; Will You Take It Back? + Build Sci-Fi Terrain In Minutes #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender Time! Warhammer: The Old World, will you take it back? Also, we check out ace Sci-Fi terrain you can build in minutes.

Check Out Westfalia Miniatures’ Epic True Monsters On Kickstarter


Westfalia Miniatures has teamed up with Boris Woloszyn once again to design some fantastic True Monsters in 32mm scale for use in your tabletop roleplaying games and wargames. See what you think of them!

Boris Woloszyn Funds Cabinet Of Curiosities Via Patreon


Boris Woloszyn has become quite an impressive sculptor and made a mark for himself in the industry crafting characters for Westfalia Miniatures and also Zealot's return to HeroQuest.

Westfalia Miniatures Bring The Rakshasa King To IndieGoGo


Westfalia Miniatures is now on IndieGoGo looking to fund the creation of an amazing model by Boris Woloszyn.

Woloszyn Sculpts Up A Superb Twist On A Familiar Dark Lord


Working with Westfalia Miniatures to produce some new miniatures for (I assume) an upcoming Darkest Crate, he has sculpted up this fantastic take on the one and only Darth Vader but done as a Fallen Paladin from Fantasy perspective. 

Westfalia Take To Kickstarter With Heroic Pride Knights Project


Westfalia Miniatures, alongside Archer Inventive and the sculpting talents of Boris Woloszyn, have taken to Kickstarter with their brand new campaign for the Pride Knights Miniatures.

Elladan’s New Barbarians Flex Their Way Into Battle


Elladan has garnered the help of Boris Woloszyn who has been working on some more Barbarians for you to throw into your games of High Fantasy adventure. Here we have the Barbarian Twins!

Community Spotlight: Saxons, Clone Armies & Leaping Barbarians


Come and check out brave Saxons, determined Jedi and a bellowing Barbarian in this week's Community Spotlight.

Weekender: Infinity Defiance Kickstarter & FoW Campaign Launching Next Week!


We're talking about the Infinity: Defiance themed week firing up on Monday PLUS the epic Flames Of War Global Campaign which will be running for SIX weeks!

A Mighty Band Of Barbarians Ravage The Lands With Elladan


Elladan have just released a savage septuplet of barbarians on the world. Sculpted by Boris Woloszyn and Kev White are responsible for parting me with my money once again!

Westfalia Show Off Their Deadly Vampire Of Havena


Westfalia Miniature are helping out the Kickstarter from Spoken Adventures as they try and bring their audio drama Choose Your Own Adventure, The Vampire Of Havena, to life.

Adventure While You Paint With The Vampire Of Havena


The Vampire Of Havena is a new choose your own adventure audiodrama which has popped up on Kickstarter from the folks at Spoken Adventure and it's a very neat idea!

Forge Of Doom Brings Classic Fantasy Characters To Life


Forge Of Doom has called on the sculpting prowess of Boris Woloszyn Miniatures as three new characters get added to their webstore, each with a familiar look to them.

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